MAFS fun fact: This is the reason Cam only wears one thong

We would never have guessed!

What’s better than a random, weird fact? A random, weird Married At First Sight fact!

Courtesy of MAFS bride Heidi, we just learned something very interesting about her fellow contestant, Cam.

Talking Married‘s resident spy Heidi recently took cameras inside Jules and Cam’s apartment to find out what they get up to behind closed doors.


And the first thing she noticed was that the former cricket player was only wearing one thong on his feet.

“Why have you got one thong on?” she asked


“Uh, it’s just what I have to do to walk around the house…” came his sheepish answer.

“Otherwise he walks around in circles,” his ‘wife’ Jules joked.

Still confused, Heidi insisted on more information.

“He’s got one leg a lot shorter than the other,” explained Jules.

“One leg’s shorter than the other,” Cam confirmed.

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