WATCH: MAFS Sam’s new YouTube channel has everyone perplexed

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Married At First Sight villain and all-round not very nice human Sam Ball has launched a new career…as a YouTube star.

Watch fans slam Sam’s YouTube attempt:


The man made famous for publicly fat-shaming his gorgeous bride Elizabeth is turning his acting ‘talents’ to the video-sharing platform.

In a bizarre move, the 26-year-old am took to Instagram to post a teaser trailer for his new YouTube channel. And it’s safe to say we’re lost for words.

The video starts with the opening title which reads: “Sam The Rogue Tyrannosaurus Wrecks”. 

Which then leads into footage of Sam dressed as a dinosaur traumatising a puppy in a carpark. 

Told you it was weird.

Sam captioned the post: “A little teaser of my first YouTube video finally launching now!!! It’s going to be a channel full of laughs and a reflection of my true self. I look forward to sharing the content with you all.”

It’s no surprise Sam’s followers were suitably unimpressed, with this person perhaps something up everyone’s thoughts best: “Gold medal at the cringe Olympics.”

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