Who is Megan Marx? Meet Konrad’s “new fling” after “splitting” with Abbie Chatfield

She’s had quite the career.
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The rumours of Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen’s split are still fresh and yet it seems Konrad has already found a new fling.

According to reports Konrad has been linked to Bachelor in Paradise alum Megan Marx.

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So far Konrad and Megan haven’t commented on their connection and Abbie has been reluctant to add her opinion

Regardless, here’s everything you need to know about the enigmatic Megan Marx.

Megan Marx
Meet Megan (Credit: Instagram)

Fans first met Megan on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor.

Despite being a fan favourite, Megan dramatically quit during episode seven after telling Richie that she couldn’t fall in love with him in an environment “with such competition and intensity“.

After her exit, Megan revealed she’d had a unique upbringing, even getting married at 18.

Megan Marx
She revealed she had a unique childhood (Credit: Instagram)

Megan shared details about her childhood growing up in a religious ‘cult’ in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O.

“We didn’t watch TV, [there was] no alcohol and church every day,” she said.

They would even perform exorcisms.

“In exorcisms the preacher would put his hand on your head and speak in tongue to get the demons out.”

At 18 she was married to her boyfriend of four years but they split in 2014.

Megan on her wedding day and four years later
Megan was married at 18. (Credit: Instagram)

Although Megan didn’t find love with Richie, her time on The Bachelor certainly wasn’t wasted after making a connection with fellow contestant Tiffany Scanlon.

The pair dated for less than a year but the interest in their relationship was massive. For a time, Megan was considered to star as the first bisexual bachelorette.

“I was meant to be the Bachelorette on Sophie [Monk]’s season as they wanted someone bisexual,” Megan said later.

“But then Sophie asked if she could do the show and she was awesome and maybe I wasn’t ready.”

Megan with Tiffany and Megan with Jake
Megan was linked to Tiffany and Jake (Credit: Instagram/Channel 10)

It wasn’t the last opportunity Megan would get on The Bachelor, however. In 2018 she signed up for the Bachelor in Paradise where she caught the eye of Jake Ellis. 

The couple had a tumultuous relationship and eventually they called it quits for good in 2020.

After that it was believed Megan married her next boyfriend Keith Newman. However if the rumours about Konrad are true it seems that relationship has fallen by the wayside. It has certainly been some time since he appeared on her Instagram.

Megan with Jake
She split from Jake in 2020 (Credit: Instagram)

Along with being open about her relationships, Megan has also been transparent about her cosmetic surgery.

The star warned fans about the dangers of plastic surgery after receiving a dodgy nose job. 

“I was short on time after a busy few months and went to just any clinic (not saying where). I came out looking like Cat Woman.” she said.

She also revealed she had botox, lip filler and cheek filler for years.

Megan recovering from cosmetic surgery.
Megan has been open about her cosmetic surgery. (Credit: Instagram)

Now Megan is set to appear on The Challenge with Konrad and a host of other Aussie influencers. 

The show is said to be a mash up of SAS, Survivor and Ninja Warrior. But with all the drama circulating the show fans will be expecting much more than that. 

The Challenge Australia is coming soon to Channel 10 and 10play.

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