Woman Known as the ‘Bikini Climber’ Freezes to Death After 65-Foot Fall Down Mountain

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A Taiwanese woman, known as the “Bikini Climber,” has tragically died after freezing to death following a fall.

GiGi Wu, 36, was embarking on a 25-day hike when she stumbled 65 feet down a ravine in Central Taiwan’s Yushan Mountain, Taiwan News reported.

Due to the impact of the fall, Wu sustained injuries to her leg and was unable to move, the outlet reported.

Despite her many calls for help, emergency responders were not able to immediately reach her as weather conditions were extremely dangerous.

Nearly 28 hours later, Wu was airlifted out but was pronounced dead, officials said, according to local site Liberty News.

(Credit: Facebook/GiGi Wu)

Wu’s cause of death has not yet been revealed.

Wu gained a massive following on social media for documenting her travels, sharing photos of herself on mountaintops in bikinis.

Wu’s last post to Facebook was on Thursday. She shared a photo of a stunning mountain top view, captioning it “celebrating today.”

(Credit: Facebook)

After the news of her death broke, a number of her followers expressed their condolences in the comment section of her photos.

“Thank you for bringing us countless beautiful scenery, blessings to your soul,” one user wrote.

“In the eyes of people who like climbing, you are a standard, professional climber, admirable! Be an angel in your favorite mountain forest,” a different user commented.

This article first featured on PEOPLE.

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