Street Style Looks We’re Noting & Loving From Australian Fashion Week

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While we’re busy taking notes of the latest fashion and beauty trends heading down the runway, we’ve also got an eagle eye paying attention to what everyone is wearing on the streets.

Fashion week attendees are known for showcasing their favourite pieces and signature styles, and it’s a great way of spying which items we need in our own wardrobes.  

This week has shown us a number of key pieces that are going to be popular as we head into winter. Between the cobalt blue shades and luxe leather accessories, expect to see a lot of denim, fuzzy fabrics and chunky footwear.

Whether you’re in the market for a new pair of boots or looking for new ways to wear knits, here’s a roundup of our favourite street-style looks and the key pieces to buy.

Fuzzy Knits

Cute, cosy jumpers and cardigans were a big part of this year’s street style, with attendees styling them with everything from denim to leather. Instead of neutral shades, we noticed how bold and bright colours were popular go-to’s in this fuzzy texture.

Try layering a fuzzy jumper with a vest on the top or let a colourful style hang over your shoulders for a different styling technique.

What We Love: Cos Cropped V-Neck Mohair Jumper, $225 at Cos. Shop Here.

model wearing orange knit jumper
Ellie Bobbie Photography
COS Cropped V-Neck Mohair Jumper
Cos Cropped V-Neck Mohair Jumper, $225 at Cos (Credit: Cos)

Wide Boots

Statement shoes were in abundance this season, with a spotlight on the gaiter boot. This extra wide style was often paired with Bermuda shorts and miniskirts, playing with different lengths and dimensions.

While they may not become your office staple shoe, they are a versatile pair for the weekend with shorts or jeans.  

What We Love: Alias Mae Crawford Choc Boot, $429.95 at The Iconic. Shop Here.

model wearing wide boots
Ellie Bobbie Photography
Alias Mae Crawford Choc Boot, $429.95 at The Iconic
Alias Mae Crawford Choc Boot, $429.95 at The Iconic (Credit: Alias Mae)

Double Denim

Doubling up on the everyday fabric is going strong! As the hardest working wardrobe piece in most people’s wardrobes, denim matching sets were out in full force.

Try the trend in a deep indigo denim head to toe this winter as the colour is more dressy than washed versions. Then add black accessories to keep your outfit looking chic and sharp.

What We Love: Forever New Harper Denim Jacket, $159.99 at Forever New. Shop Here.

model wearing double denim
Ellie Bobbie Photography (Credit: Ellie Bobbie Photography)
Forever New Harper Denim Jacket, $159.99 at Forever New
Forever New Harper Denim Jacket, $159.99 at Forever New

Buttery Bags

Attention was on the luxe leather on fashion goers’ arms. Buttery and soft, make your bag this season an oversized clutch or cross-body.

Although we’ve seen the ‘pillow bag’ before, this winter is your chance to lean into the darker colours of the season with browns and beige. Then do it like the fashionistas do and create a tonal outfit in a similar shade!

What We Love: Nakedvice The Kenny Black Silver, $239.95 at Nakedvice. Shop Here.

model holding clutch bag
Ellie Bobbie Photography
Nakedvice The Kenny Black Silver, $239.95 at Nakedvice
Nakedvice The Kenny Black Silver, $239.95 at Nakedvice (Credit: Nakedvice)

Bold Blue

Deep cobalt blue was spotted on the streets, often worn as a matching set. It’s the popular colour that seems to be following in red’s footsteps and is best paired with a classic black bag and shades.

If head-to-toe colour seems daunting, you can always try injecting the shade through knitwear or accessories first.

What We Love: H&M Wide Tailored Pants, $34.99 at H&M. Shop Here.

model wearing blue
Ellie Bobbie Photography
H&M Wide Tailored Pants, $34.99 at H&M
H&M Wide Tailored Pants, $34.99 at H&M (Credit: H&M)

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