Abbie Chatfield seems to finds love again after Matt Agnew heartbreak

Watch her grinding on the man she confesses to 'love'.
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The Bachelor runner-up Abbie Chatfield confessed to being heartbroken by Matt Agnew’s final decision on the show, but now that it’s all out in the open it seems like she has had the opportunity to find love again.

The controversial reality star has been doing whatever she can to put the rejection behind her, especially after being ridiculed and slut-shamed for her “overly sexual” behaviour on the show. 

Not only has she shown off her revenge body, but she’s now gotten real close and personal with a new man that she claims to “love”.

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield grinds on a man she now claims to “love” after Matt Agnew heartbreak

The 23-year-old uploaded a video of herself grinding up against her pal Heath Kelley at a party, suggesting that they’re more than friends.

Abbie posted a video grinding against a new man. (Credit: Instagram)

“I love this song and I love this man,” Abbie captioned the video.

While Abbie danced against Kelley, he had his arms wrapped around her body.

She quickly came under fire for “moving on” too quickly… (Credit: Instagram)

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As expected, criticism started rolling in from people who thought she was moving on too quickly after Matt dumped her in South Africa.

“Doesn’t take you long to move on,” one of her followers wrote.

Abbie was quick to hit back at any backlash from her video. 

“This is my best friend of ten years,” she responded.

Despite Abbie receiving an onslaught of backlash from basically everyone, there has been a lot of support for her from some high profile Australians, including The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg.

After being slut-shamed, the reality star showed off her revenge body on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

“I’ve been doing this job a while now. Tweeting every episode that goes to air. And I am always interested to see how a strong woman powerfully expressing her sexuality makes so many people so uncomfortable,” Osher Tweeted during The Bachelor finale.” 

Comedian Dave Hughes also admitted how unfair it was for Matt to continue to hook up with Abbie after claiming he knew he would always choose Chelsie McLeod.

The scene that shocked Australia. (Credit: Channel Ten)

“How can Matt be the ‘good guy’ and Abbie the ‘villain’ when he KNEW he was gonna pick the other girl and she didn’t, yet he still carried on with Abbie like he was on his honeymoon?” he said. 

It didn’t take long for Abbie to address the major slut-shaming in an essay.

“Things I got slut-shamed for on #thebachelorau: this bikini, my skort at hometowns, multiple cocktail party gowns, kissing matt ‘without a date’ and at a cocktail party (out of sight of anyone), pashing Matt in various locations with varying degrees of intensity, honestly admitting that I wanted to have sex with a man I was dating for 10 weeks and all around just ‘using sexuality to manipulate Matt’,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself in the leopard print bikini she wore during her final date with the astrophysicist.  

“This is something I did not expect in 2019. Sex is essential to a successful relationship for me, as is sexual chemistry and the ability to express that comfortably with my partner. I saw commentary around my sexuality (rightly) calling out slut shaming and double standards regarding my pash sessions with Matt, with responses of ‘I’m not slut shaming her she is just manipulative/dumb/aggressive/only wanting sex.’” 

She went on to slam viewers who placed the blame on her, arguing Matt was equally as flirtatious during their single dates. 

“If it isn’t that, it is based off the opinion voiced of other contestants on the show, not my actions. I was always honest, authentic and expressive which can sometimes rub people the wrong way.

“It’s okay to not like me — it is not okay to assume that I am less of a person or less worthy of love because I like to have sex and can talk freely and openly about it.”

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