Sex/Life fans rejoice! Adam Demos is returning to Australia

He's going back to his roots.
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Aussie actor Adam Demos will return to Australia to shoot a new film for Netflix after making waves with his breakout performance in the steamy drama Sex/Life.

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The Wollongong-born star will be travelling to Queensland to shoot a romantic comedy with fellow actor Victoria Justice, who is best known for her work on Nickolodeon in shows Zoey 101 and Victorious.

Victoria will play a tough L.A. wine-company executive, who travels to Australia to land a major client.

In a twist of events, she ends up working as a ranch hand, and becomes romantically involved with a rugged local played by, yep you guessed it, Adam.

Victoria Justice has begun hotel quarantine in Australia, posting this pic from her balcony. (Credit: Instagram)

Victoria has been known for mostly smaller independent films since her Nickolodeon days, such as Summer Night and Trust, but is set to star in the upcoming film Afterlife of the Party.

Adam previously partnered with the streaming giant for Sex/Life where he played Brad Simon. The hit series has seen him make waves across the world, with the raunchy show sitting comfortably in the Netflix top 10 for weeks after it was first released.

Although season two has not yet been confirmed, the success of the first season means we’ll definitely be expecting to see more of Adam as Brad very soon.

Adam gained notoriety for his role in Sex/Life. (Credit: Getty)

Last year, Adam began a relationship with his Sex/Life co-star, Sarah Shahi, when their on-screen romance bubbled over into real life.

Although the Aussie actor is currently back on home soil, Sarah has been leaving adorable comments on his Instagram posts.

He recently posted a still from Sex/Life, prompting Sarah to write “I miss that shoulder. My baby,” underneath.

Adam and Sarah began an IRL relationship, proving their onscreen chemistry was too real. (Credit: Instagram)

She also celebrated Adam’s role when it was announced, sharing the news to her Instagram Stories.

“So, so proud of my love and his new project!!!! @adam_demos go kill it like you always do!! I love you ❤️,” she wrote.

Victoria has also shared her excitement for the project on Instagram.

She shared the same article to her grid, writing “Couldn’t be more excited about this! 🍷🐑 🇦🇺♥️ @netflix @adam_demos.”

Although the project is unnamed as yet, filming is likely to begin soon, with Victoria having begun her hotel quarantine in Australia.

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