Angie Kent says we need a “solid break” from Bachelor in Paradise

"We don’t need to see dudes treating women badly – we’ve seen that for a gazillion years now."
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After three seasons and drama galore, Bachelor in Paradise will not be returning to Aussie screens in 2021. But there’s one figure from the Bachelor franchise who thinks a year off isn’t such a bad idea.

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Angie Kent may have met and fell for Carlin Sterritt on The Bachelorette but many of the suitors from her season went on try their luck on the tropical reboot. And the 31-year-old reality star reckons after the drama-filled third season, it’s time for a pause.

“I think we all need a solid break from Bachelor in Paradise,” she tells Who exclusively.

“I love the franchise, obviously I found love on there and I met some amazing people but I think after this year’s Bachelor in Paradise and the year we’ve had with COVID and the industry, I think it would be nice for us to focus on really strong people in the industry and not giving platforms to people that don’t treat people very nicely.”

“I think we all need a solid break from Bachelor in Paradise.” (Credit: Ten)

Speaking of the toxic behaviour many of the male contestants on the show exhibited, though, Angie says there was a silver lining to it.

“It was good to see because it goes to show what editing can do and don’t believe everything you see because there’s so much more to a story, especially a love story in a television show,” she admits.

“But also, let’s just focus on good s*** hey? We don’t need to see dudes treating women badly – we’ve seen that for a gazillion years now, we want positivity and equality. It’s our time to shine, we don’t need validation from douche canoes to feel good about ourselves.”

Several of Angie’s Bachelorette exes starred on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise. (Credit: Ten)

2020 hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Angie. On top of the pandemic, the 31-year-old endured a very public break up with her Bachelorette winner Carlin as well as an operation for her endometriosis, but reveals it made her self-reflect on what she wants for her future.

“I’m grateful for all of the stuff that’s gone on this year because it’s made me have to really look at myself again which was hard but nice,” she says.

“I didn’t want for it to not work out but sometimes it doesn’t translate from a beautiful Bachelorette world to the real world and that’s totally fine. We gave it a year, we gave it a red-hot go and it wasn’t meant to be.”
Angie admitted that whilst Carlin wasn’t her “forever love”, she still conquered her fear of saying the L word. (Credit: Instagram)

As for 2021, Angie says she wants to focus on her health and loving herself again. 

“I lost myself there for a bit there due to heartbreak and now I feel good and just want to work and live and love and be healthy,” she admits.

“The only way is up now. I had a few months of feeling sorry for myself but you don’t get anywhere feeling sorry for yourself so onwards and upwards! You can’t appreciate the light without the darkness. Like when I was really down, when I felt the light again I was like ‘Holy s*** I never want to not feel this.’” 

She adds: “Everyone’s got to go through a s*** time when they go through a break up, it would be weird if I was like ‘Cool I just gave up a year of my life and was in love and I’m ok with that.’ No way, I had a really s*** heartbreak and it made me stronger. Not ready for love yet but maybe next year.”

“I had a really s*** heartbreak and it made me stronger.” (Credit: Ten)

Angie is currently busy on her next endeavour and has swapped reality TV for her first feature film. 

The former Bachelorette will star alongside Wolf Creek‘s John Jarratt and Real Housewives of Sydney star and actress Melissa Tkautz in the upcoming horror flick, The Possessed.

“It’s madness! It’s so good – I love a good adventure, I love learning,” Angie says of working on set.

“I’ve been in the film and television industry since I was 18 but behind the scenes. Somehow I’ve managed to end up in front of the camera which is still amazing, I’ve just never planned it but you can’t plan life, it just kind of happens,” she adds.

“I’ve been loving it – learning from some of the greatest. John Jarratt’s been around forever and I get to be on set and full joke with him. Sometimes I pinch myself, I’m just like go girl!”

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