A round-up of all the Bachelor fan theories and spoilers

Here's the latest on Jimmy and his gals.
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Now that we’re well and truly into this season of The Bachelor and have learned a little more about main man Jimmy Nicholson and the contestants, we can finally get into the juicy stuff.

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor’s Sierah celebrates after Ashleigh’s shock elimination

From clever editing to what the bookies are saying about who wins, we’ve found the best fan theories from season nine.

Keep scrolling for the reality TV round up.

Our faces when we read all the fan theories. (Credit: Ten)

Is Brooke going to leave the show?

Fans were confused during the episode when Jimmy’s sister Tahnee and cousin Lisa came to the mansion to suss out the girls when Jimmy made a confession after they thought the cameras had stopped rolling

The pilot candidly told his family that Brooke was a frontrunner, but thanks to the editing fans reckon it’s her who drops out of the competition.


Mass walkout

Spilling to podcast So Dramatic! an insider source revealed that a handful of this year’s contestants were reportedly told to leave or chose to depart on their own accord after not vibing with Bachelor Jimmy.

“So three girls wanted to leave the mansion or tried to leave because they weren’t into Jimmy and were over the whole thing,” the insider told host Megan Pustetto. 

“Producers got wind of some of the girls wanting to leave, so they’re going to make it look like Jimmy kicked them all out to save face and to make them look good, because they can’t have the Bachelor looking unwanted.”

After Tatum decided to bow out, we’ll have to see who else bows out…

Are all the girls into Jimmy? (Credit: Ten)

Holly’s set to win

Despite saying that Brooke was his favourite, Jimmy’s winner has already been confirmed…by the bookies that is.

Betting agencies have tipped Sydney marketing manager Holly Kingston to be this year’s winner but that’s not the only clue.

Holly also happens to be the spitting image of Jimmy’s celeb crush Carrie Bickmore plus, the famous winners’ music played when she made her grand entrance. Basically scientific proof.

WATCH BELOW: Jimmy Nicholson meets Holly Kingston on The Bachelor. Post continues after video…

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Holly the actor

Jimmy and Holly certainly make a cute couple, but fans were shocked to discover that she was also an actor.

Sunglasses brand Optique and Weave Youth and Community Services shared posts in 2015 and 2016 respectively describing her as an actor and Holly also starred in nine episodes of ABC3 teen drama Ready For This in 2015.

However, Holly addressed the actor speculation and said: “I played a minor role in a television show over six years ago after I graduated from university.”

“Whilst I enjoyed my time doing this, my passion is in the field I currently work in. I have over five years’ experience in marketing working for awesome Australian brands and that is where my sole focus is.”

Holly’s acted in the past but now works as a marketing manager. (Credit: IMDB)

Jimmy’s a smitten kitten

Whilst he hasn’t spilled any names, we don’t have a Honey Badger repeat on our hands.

Speaking to Now To Love ahead of the season premiere, Jimmy revealed that he is still with his chosen winner and that though they’re not isolating together, the phone calls have been non-stop.

“I noticed her the first night I saw her, she is stunning,” he said of his final pick.

“But it’s not until you really get to know someone that you can really know- there’s just so much going on those first few days of filming. I definitely noticed her at the start and towards the end it became quite clear [it was her].”

Jimmy noticed his winner the first night he saw her. (Credit: Ten)

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