Becky says Ab left The Bachelorette for a VERY different reason

Well this is… confusing.
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By now, we’re all across the fact that suitor Ab Sow declined The Bachelorette Becky’s rose during the show’s premiere episode, reasoning that he didn’t feel like “the right person” for her.

But in a strange turn of events, Becky – who, FYI, is one of two leading ladies this season, along with her younger sister, Elly – is now telling a different story.

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Speaking on the latest episode of The Babble podcast, the 31-year-old revealed that Ab, 27, took her away from the cameras to explain that he just “wasn’t ready for love.”

“You could just tell by the look on his face,” Becky recalled. “He said, ‘watching you girls do your speech tonight, I realised that I’m not ready for love. I couldn’t continue on this journey knowing how I felt.’”

Although the rejection came as a shock to Becky, she did appreciate that the professional model and former Australia’s Got Talent star was totally upfront with her.

“We were really glad he was honest, as then we were able to spend more time with the other guys who were there wanting to get to know us,” she said.

According to a source inside the Bachie mansion, Ab’s decision to pull the pin wasn’t taken lightly.

Becky (right) said she respected Ab (left) for being so honest with her. (Credit: Channel 10)

“The red carpet arrivals were filmed on July 29 and lasted until around 3 am, and then the rose ceremony was shot the next night on July 30,” they told The Wash. 

“So by that point, the guys had already spent their first night in the mansion together and become friendly. Producers just had everyone put the same clothes back on for continuity.

“Ab spent the whole day discussing his decision with the boys before filming the rose ceremony, explaining how he felt no connection to either Elly or Becky the night before.”

Elly (left), Becky (centre) and Ab (right) during the show’s premiere episode. (Credit: Channel 10)

The source added that all the contestants “begged” Ab to stay in the hope he’d change his mind, but as the day wore on it was clear he was “done.”

“Afterwards they kept saying he’s “noble as f*ck” for actually quitting, rather than sticking around for the sake of it,” they continued.

“He got to say goodbye to all of the boys before heading home and was more bothered about leaving them behind, than Elly and Becky.”

Aside from Ab, three other men have been sent packing so far. 

Nick, 25, the self-proclaimed “loyal, honest and energetic” support worker and Samuel, the 27-year-old bespectacled musculoskeletal therapist both failed to receive a rose at the first cocktail party.

Happy-go-lucky Jake, who famously dressed as Cupid during his arrival on the red carpet, departed the show during episode two. 

Jake (pictured) was sent home at the second cocktail party. (Credit: Network 10)

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