Beauty And The Geek’s massive editing blunder

They just leaked their own finalists.
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The top three couples who will make it to the grand finale of Beauty And The Geek have just been leaked in a major editing blunder on behalf of the producers.

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In a promo for the final two episodes which aired after Monday night’s episode, Sophie Monk could be seen at the grand finale with balloons and decorations behind her.

“And the winner of Beauty And The Geek is,” she teased before the camera cut to three couples in flashy attire waiting for the results.

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Those three couples were Christopher and Bri, Aaron and Karly and Anthony and Tegan – meaning Michael and Tara must get eliminated before the grand finale.

Someone’s in trouble… (Credit: Nine)

The promo doesn’t appear on any of the BATG social media platforms or 9Now currently.

Fans of the show were disappointed to have the show’s top three spoiled by a case of dodgy editing, as the promo made it obvious who makes it to the end.

With Tara and Michael absent from the finale shot, it was easy to see they’d be the ones going home in the show’s penultimate episode on Tuesday night.

“Seriously? Way to spoil your own show,” one fan penned on Facebook, another replying: “Did no one double check the edit before putting this on TV???”

Meet your finalists. (Credit: Nine)

One fan tweeted: “lol at #batg spoiling the final three in the final four episode trailer. Twice.”

While Beauty And The Geek isn’t known for dodgy editing, this isn’t the first time producers have accidentally spoiled an upcoming episode with a single shot in a promo clip.

On Sunday night fans were sad to see Mike and Heidi eliminated from the competition, but several had already figured out they’d be going home.

A promo that aired the Wednesday prior revealed there would be four huge makeovers on Monday and showed several shots of Chris, who had already had a makeover, reacting to the transformations.

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With only six geeks remaining, four hadn’t been made over yet and two had – Mike and Chris.

That meant that if the four geeks would be getting makeovers on Monday and Chris would be there to react to it, as promos showed, Mike must be the one going home on Sunday.

Fan predictions turned out to be right, with Mike and Heidi losing out on the elimination quiz and heading home before the Makeover Monday episode.

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