Bindi Irwin reveals she is still estranged from grandfather Robert Irwin

"I very much doubt he will ever reach out to us".

Bindi Irwin has been forced to deny claims that her grandfather, Bob Irwin, wanted to reconnect following a decade long feud with their mother Terri Irwin.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin insisted that she and her brother Robert, 14, haven’t been contacted by their paternal grandfather despite their attempts to.

Bindi, 19, told the publication: “Until I lost my dad, I did not understand that loss will evoke both the best and worst from the people you most care about. Sadly, this happened with my poppy.”

“I remember, when I was still quite young, receiving a parcel in the mail from him. I opened it with great joy and anticipation, only to discover he had opened and returned the Christmas presents I had sent him.”

Bindi, Robert, Terri and Bob Irwin pose in front of a statue of the family that was unveiled today during ‘Steve Irwin Memorial Day’ at Australia Zoo (2007) (Credit: Getty)

Bindi added, “Heartbroken, I began to understand what it meant to have someone close to me hurt me in my time of need. I have not received anything from my poppy since.”

“My mum, however, has stoically tried to keep the lines of communication open. Birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries have consistently been acknowledged with gifts and correspondence. But with no reply. Ever.”

Despite his unwillingness to contact his grandchildren, the Irwin family continue to support Bob financially, providing him with money, a property, home and equipment, Bindi claims. 

“He continues to remain distant. I have come to terms with this,” she explained. “I have a loving family, and supportive friends. Poppy clearly has not come to terms with his grief.

“Although I will continue to love my poppy, I do not hold out hope that he will ever seek the help he needs to deal with his grief. And I very much doubt he will ever reach out to me, or to Robert, as a loving grandfather.”

Bindi finished, “Not everyone that they love and count on will be there in their time of need.”

This article originally appeared on New Idea

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