CONFIRMED: Elly and Frazer have been broken up for weeks

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Unless you’ve been doing a digital detox for the past five days straight (unlikely, it is 2020 after all), you’d know all about the recent Bachelorette break up.

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If not, here’s a refresher: after persistent rumours that her winner Frazer Neate had been cheating, Elly Miles took to Instagram to share that the couple had grown “apart” since filming the show. 

“It was really really hard having the distance and the secrecy and I guess everything that comes along with having a new relationship in the media,” she said. “I wasn’t happy for a little while there and I know from my end, I gave it absolutely everything I had.” 

But despite the 26-year-old denying Frazer’s alleged infidelity was the reason behind the break up, it seems he had moved on way before they officially announced their split.

The event promises “hens party heaven.” (Credit: Instagram)

For starters, Frazer is set to host Girls Night Out at Darwin nightclub, Discovery on Thursday December 10, alongside runner-up Joe Woodbury. A poster of the event (as spotted by So Dramatic!) promises “topless disco dream boys” and “hens party heaven.”

And according to Bachelor in Paradise alum Renee Barrett, Frazer signed up for the gig weeks ago.

“Surely this would have been arranged prior to the break up “last weekend,” a fan commented on the So Dramatic! post.

“Absolutely! Wish I could say I was surprised though!” added another.

Renee then confirmed their suspicions writing: “I can confirm this is true.”

Busted! (Credit: Instagram)

Just last month, Elly insisted that she and Frazer were still going strong in an IG Q&A.

“We are still together and I am going to move to Queensland in January, that’s the plan,” she told fans.

Whilst Frazer is yet to comment publicly on the news, he has been slammed by Elly’s fans in the comment of his most recent Instagram post from November.

“Unfollow. Bye!” one of Elly’s supporters penned.

“Poor Elly I knew she should of picked Joey,” remarked another.

One even wrote: “It was clear that you weren’t into Elly… you probably should have been honest with her…”

Elly and Frazer in happier times. (Credit: Network Ten)

Elly picked Frazer over her ex-flame Joe in this year’s Bachelorette finale. Big sister and fellow Bachelorette Becky Miles chose Pete Mann as her winner but the pair broke up just three days after filming wrapped.

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