Estelle slams Big Brother cast over move against Reggie

"This is a disaster."
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Estelle Landy has lashed out at the remaining newcomers in the Big Brother house after they almost evicted BB royalty Reggie Sorensen (née Bird).

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On Monday night both women were voted out but an emotional twist saw them headed into Big Brother’s arcade room, where they were given a second chance.

But from the moment she saw Reggie walk into the room behind her, Estelle was fuming.

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“I’m just like, what the actual f–k?” she told Yahoo!Lifestyle before going after the newbies.

“It’s not saying these people are bad people. It’s saying that they made promises, every one of them pretty much in one way or another said they wouldn’t put a point on Reggie, that there was no way that she would ever be their target.

Estelle and Reggie formed a close bond in the house, with Estelle saying she wouldn’t have wanted to stay in the game if it meant Reggie got sent home. (Credit: Seven)

“To have them all flip on her and send her home straight after me, I was like, this is a disaster.”

Australia agreed, sharing their anger across social media after what many have called an “unfair” season for the 2003 victor.

Reggie lives with a degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which has left her legally blind.

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The condition has made many of the challenges this season even harder on Reggie, who is already at a disadvantage compared to some of the younger, fitter new players.

Many of the challenges were more difficult for Reggie, who is legally blind. (Credit: Seven)

“The challenges were hard for me, but I can’t imagine what they were like for Reggie having [her] disability,” Estelle said.

As well as her own disability, Reggie has a young son named Lucas living with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening disorder that sees him needing daily care.

“It’s mentally physically draining on Lucas, so I have to stay strong for him,” she previously told our sister site, Now to Love.

“It’s a constant battle to try and get weight on him, so he has to drink supplements and have a diet high in calories and fat. I hope he will live past 37 years of expected time.”

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Her story as the “little Aussie battler” is what made Australia fall in love with her and why so many fans are convinced Reggie will win Big Brother again in 2022.

Estelle, who was evicted on Tuesday night, is also hoping for Reggie to take out the title, as it would be a huge win for disability advocacy and the money would have a massive impact on Reggie and her children’s lives.

The two women formed a close bond in the house, with some fans speculating that Reggie, 48, became a mother figure to Estelle, 34.

Having lost her own single mother just over 12 months before production began, Estelle told 7Entertainment she signed up to honour her late mum.

“I wanted to do something joyous and connect with her which I actually feel like in challenges I was kind of channelling her, as woo-woo as that sounds,” she said.

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