Jamie Foxx finally opened up about his hospitalisation

The actor spoke about his health for the first time, a year after he was hospitalised.
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More than a year after he was struck down with a mystery illness, Jamie Foxx has spoken about his hospitalisation.

Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz in Back in Action.
Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz

Foxx suffered a “medical complication” in April 2023 while he was filming the Netflix show Back in Action in Atlanta.

While he didn’t share details of what happened at the time, in July that year, the Ray star referred to having “tubes running out of me” and wondering if he was “gonna make it through”.

In August that year, having turned a corner, he revealed on social media that he was “a man who is thankful”, having undergone “an unexpected dark journey”.

Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz in the snow in Back in Action.
Foxx wants to save the full details of his illness to share in his own way. (Credit: NETFLIX)

In a new video shared to TikTok, the 56-year-old actor can be seen telling fans he took a painkiller after suffering from a headache – and that’s when his health deteriorated.

“I was gone for 20 days,” he recalled. “I don’t remember anything.”

He then explained that his sister Deidra Dixon 
and daughter, Corinne, took him to see a doctor, who injected him with a cortisone shot, which is typically used to treat inflammation.

Jamie Foxx in black fur coat.
Foxx has spoken out about his health after hospitalisation. (Credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

He suggested his health isn’t back to normal yet.

“Something’s going on up there,” he said, pointing to his head. “I won’t say it on camera.”

This came months after Foxx announced that he’d tell all on his own terms at an upcoming stand-up gig.

Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz in Back in Action.
Back in Action will be released in November of this year. (Credit: NETFLIX)

“Everybody wants to know what happened, and I’m going to tell you what happened. But I’ve gotta do it in my way,” he said, according to Variety.

“I’m gonna do it in a funny way. We’re gonna be on the stage. We’re gonna get back to the stand-up sort of roots.”

Back in Action Netflix
Back in Action (Credit: NETFLIX)

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