Kyle and Jackie O show dumped off air

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The Kyle and Jackie O show was “dumped” off air this morning after Jackie accidentally called Delta Goodrem live on air.

WATCH Kyle and Jackie O discuss Jackie’s on air cock up! 

And that wasn’t the only cock up Jackie made on Monday morning. 

Earlier in the program, the 44-year-old had accidentally flirted with Delta’s boyfriend Matthew Copley, believing he was single. 

kyle jackie o cock up

Guitarist Matthew was in the studio for a live performance with Conrad Sewell when Jackie began flirting with him. 

When Jackie asked the handsome musician if he was single, her co-host Kyle Sandilands responded: “Yeah, he’s taken. Sorry!”

He then added: “Poor Jackie’s the only one in the room who doesn’t actually realise what’s going on there!”

After being filled in on the situation, Jackie said she was “so mortified”.

But things went from bad to worse for the presenter…

Next Jackie accidentally called Delta from her radio desk and couldn’t hang up.

She asked a producer: “How do I hang up, Adam?”

Kyle said: “Can we get an engineer in here? Jackie has pushed every button on the phone screen. Now nothing’s working. Nothing’s working now!”

As the situation escalated, Jackie did something that usually only the KIIS FM censor is allowed to do and she hit the ‘dump button’.

At that moment, the broadcast abruptly ended and a booming voiceover said: “This station you’ve been listening to has been dumped.

“This means someone has said something inappropriate and is getting in trouble. The broadcast will return in seconds.”

What a way to start the week! 

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