Laura Byrne’s birthday cake will give you a giggle

"Mama's looking crazy."
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When it’s your birthday, there’s one type of food that is a necessity and Bachelor winner Laura Byrne’s one for this year most definitely takes the cake – pun intended.

WATCH BELOW: Laura Byrne is surprised with a birthday cake with her face on it

The former reality star and mum-of-two, 35, shared an adorable video to her Instagram Stories on Thursday night as she was presented with an epic cake.

“Nothing screams ‘tomorrow is your birthday’ like a cake with a photo of your face on it looking unhinged,” she joked in her caption.

In one cute part of the clip, Laura and partner Matty J’s one-year-old daughter Marlie-Mae even recognises whose face is on the cake.

“Mama,” Marlie muses, to which Laura can be jokingly heard remarking: “Mama’s looking crazy!”

Now that’s a cake! (Credit: Instagram)

Laura, who always keeps it real when it comes to mum life, also shared a hilarious photo to her Instagram Stories when she received a special birthday delivery.

In the picture, the birthday girl holds a bunch of balloons whilst wearing nothing but a towel as friend Falcon Montecristo stands beside her holding Marlie.

“When you’ve just got the screaming banshee to sleep so you jump in the shower and the doorbell rings…this is what 35 with two kids looks like. Uncle Falcon you’re the best and we love you,” she penned in the caption.

“This is what 35 with two kids looks like.” (Credit: Instagram)

The day is a little different to Laura’s 34th birthday last year which took place when Australia was locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Laura shared an image to celebrate her low-key celebrations from home, captioning it: “Finally got to try out that new restaurant El-Homio for my birthday!! @matthewdavidjohnson spoilt the socks off me and booked out the whole Lounge private dining area.”

The season five Bachelor star jokingly added: “Even though this wasn’t the 26th birthday party I had imagined thanks to everyone who called, text, face timed, messaged, sent carrier pigeons and BWS deliveries. We might be in iso, but I sure felt loved.”

Laura’s iso birthday last year was spent at home. (Credit: Instagram)

It’s already been an eventful year for Laura and Matt.

The couple welcomed their second child Lola Ellis Johnson in February and have revealed that after two years of being engaged, they plan to tie the knot very soon.

It will happen before the end of the year, promise,” Matt stated in a recent Instagram video.

2021 is a big year for Laura and Matty. (Credit: Instagram)

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