Matty J and Laura Byrne are nailing lockdown

We would like to move in, please.

There’s a few reasons Matty J and Laura Byrne are one of our favourite Bachelor couples of all time, but it’s mostly their down-to-earth humour that has us feeling like we’re constantly laughing with the two of them.

The engaged couple are currently living through Sydney’s lockdown, which is seeing tighter restrictions by the day.

However, if their Instagram is anything to go by, the pair seem to still be having a ball, spending time making fun of each other, and entertaining their two young daughters, Marlie Mae and Lola.

Just last night, Matty posed a question to his followers alongside a pair of neon-bright crocs.

(Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

“Are crocs cool now???” he asked, giving the options ‘yes idiot’ and ‘not quite yet’ as potential answers.

The next slide showed Laura’s feet walking in the fur-lined eyesores, captioned ‘Stop trying to seduce me @ladyandacat…’ with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Barry White.

Laura countered on her own story, posting a picture on her own story of her feet looking cosy in the rainbow-coloured shoes.

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“I don’t care what @matthewdavidjohnson says … @crocsaustralia are rad,” she wrote.

“Hurts that the dog is judging me though,” she added, with an arrow pointing to their dog, Buster, who indeed looks very judgemental behind Laura’s feet.

The pair have also been sharing videos of how they’re spending time with their little ones in the lockdown.

Buster looks sorely disappointed in his mother. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Most recently, Matty shared a video to his stories of little Marlie Mae, who is two, doing some pretty adorable dancing.

“Watches gymnastics once during the Olympics,” he captioned it, while he and Laura cheered the little dancer on behind the camera.

The 34-year-old also recently shared a video of himself getting hit in the head by the baby gate multiple times just to make the little youngster laugh.

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“Here’s a little teaser of my one-man show… Dad vs Baby Gate,” he captioned it.

“Do it again, Daddy!” Laura says, turning the camera to show Matty hitting the gate so it ricochets and bumps him on the head, causing Marlie to erupt into laughter.

“😍😍 thats one very silly Daddy,” she also commented on the video.

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The couple have also been making their fair share of content together, including beginning Bachelor recaps on Laura’s podcast, Life Uncut in a special ‘Bach Uncut’ series.

“I just quickly want to say a very big thank you for all of the feedback that we got about last weeks’ episode, now that Matt and I are stuck in an extended lockdown, we have nothing else to do, so we were always going to bring you this episode anyway,” Laura said at the top of the latest episode.

They’re also using the episodes to reflect on their own time on The Bachelor.

The couple discussed their first kiss on The Bachelor while recapping the new season. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

“I remember staring you down and I was like ‘this has been a long, awkward pause now … when do we kiss’?” Laura reminisced.

“I was afraid of rejection!” Matty explained.

“And I think, I think we clashed teeth,” he added.

“We did,” Laura agreed. “We still clash teeth sometimes.”

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