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Love Island Australia has been airing four nights a week for what feels like the last 84 years, but somehow, some way, there are another two bombs entering the villa on Monday.

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We must say, we’re expecting a pretty big twist to arrive with them, given that it kind of seems like everyone is pretty happily coupled up at the moment?

The two new gals will be unlikely to steal the hearts of committed Chris or Mitch, and things are seeming pretty solid between Michela and Taku as well.

While Lexy and Hugh are only a few hours into our connection, we’re hoping this will be the one that sticks for poor Lexy.

And does Ryan have time to pull off another switch? With Tayla unsure about her feelings, it could be a possibility.

Welcome ladies. (Credit: Nine)

However, with things left as they were on Thursday night, it seems Jess might be the only one left single in the villa, with Aaron threatening a walkout.

Whatever the producers have up their sleeve, we’re just happy being taken along for the ride.

So, without further ado, meet Jade and Eliza!

(Credit: Instagram)

Jade Shelford

While the Love Island team are yet to release any info on the new bombs, we were able to find them on Instagram, and have gleaned all the info we can.

We’re pretty certain Jade is Queensland-based, as are the bulk of contestants this year. A quick look at her Instagram shows that she loves the beach, the water and hanging out outdoors.

She’s often snapped with friends and family and a drink in her hand.

A brunette, we’re not too sure what her chances will be in the villa with a plethora of blonde-loving men, but we wish her all the best!

(Credit: Instagram)

Eliza Kennedy

We can probably confirm that Eliza is also Queensland based, given that Brisbane-born babe Abbie Chatfield confirmed on Afterparty last night that they went to high school together.

Abbie already follows Eliza on Instagram, as does our favourite Married at First Sight alum, Martha Kalifatidis.

While we can’t confirm if Eliza is a model, she’s no stranger to a nude portrait or a black-and-white bikini beach picture, either.

She seems to have great taste in sunnies, and knows how to curate one aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed.

The girls in the villa are not keen. (Credit: Instagram)

From what we can see in the glimpse given to us for next week, the girls inside the villa are not thrilled at the arrival of more women.

“Actually, their names are irrelevant,” Courtney can be heard saying.

“I reckon we can just get rid of them already.”

The promo also shows that Australia will be voting once more, with one couple eventually leaving the island as a result.

Bring on the gossip, we’re waiting…  

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