Eden Dally lashes out at Jessika Power after she replaced him as an ambassador

They've reignited their long-standing feud.
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Just when we thought Eden Dally and Jessika Power had put their feud to bed, the former Love Island contestant took a huge dig at his girlfriend’s MAFS co-star. 

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Over the weekend, the prison guard turned reality TV sensation lashed out at Jess after she replaced him as the celebrity ambassador for Boss Lady— a rental handbag company.  

“She couldn’t even afford a designer bag, so now she can rent one for free,” he told the Daily Mail, adding Jess should be “thanking” him for the opportunity. 

Jess and Eden have been feuding for months. (Credit: Instagram)

Since then, a scathing Jess has hit back at Eden’s “petty” behaviour saying: “I find it amusing that Eden claims to know what her current financial status is. He is about to become a father, I would think he would be above the petty retaliations by now but it seems he will never grow up.” 

Interestingly, Eden was dumped by the company’s founder, Nichole Shiraz, who he was famously caught flirting with just hours after he and Cyrell had announced they’d called time on their six-month-long relationship. While it’s unclear why he’s no longer tied to the company, it appears as though he’s on bad terms with the Instagram influencer, claiming her company would be nothing without him. 

Nicole and Eden were pictured on a dinner date soon after he and Cyrell split. (Credit: Instagram)

“Boss ladies needed me, if it wasn’t for me attending that dinner you wouldn’t even know what the company was. If you can call it that,” he said. 

Eden and Nicole sparked romance rumours when they were spotted enjoying a dinner date less than a day after Eden confirmed he was no longer dating the mother of his unborn child.

While he insisted they were “just friends”, Cyrell confirmed there was more to the story when she launched a fiery attack on the social media star, calling her “pathetic” and accusing her of using the former couple to gain notoriety. 

“I have no respect for people who use others during their difficult time to promote themselves,” she wrote on Instagram. “People taking advantage of a situation and making the father of my child look bad. And to be pathetic enough to write and appear like you wish us both well. All of this to promote yourself and to gain followers.

“You know who you are, you know what you set up and arranged. I would say your name and tag you but you’re that irrelevant to me … Oops look at that, I’ve already forgotten your name.”

She unleashed on the Instagram influencer. (Credit: Instagram)

Hours after hundreds of Cyrell’s fans flooded Nicole’s Instagram with nasty comments, she took to social media to respond to the reality TV star’s attack. 

“Perhaps you should face your issues like a grown woman and actually address your problems rather than placing them all on social media. You know what the real situation is here, however, instead of talking about this like adults in private you would rather play the victim because your life revolves around attention (that no one cares about).

“I suppose that’s the only thing you know because that’s how you got your followers in the first place. I can’t relate because you and I are on two different wavelengths.”

Since the feud played out on Instagram, the former Married At First Sight star confirmed on the 5th of December that she’d reconciled with Eden two months after they separated.

Cyrell and Eden are expecting their first child together next year. (Credit: Instagram)

The embattled reality TV couple confirmed they were back together while enjoying a romantic date in Crows Nest, Sydney. According to the Daily Mail— who obtained pictures of the once estranged partners— Cyrell looked “smitten” with her beau who flung his arm around her shoulder while he drank a cocktail and Cyrell sipped on a milkshake. 

Following their cute date loved up Cyrell and Eden— who were forced to reunite last month to face court over a defamation case— were later photographed cuddling and holding hands in the street before he planted a kiss on his pregnant girlfriend’s cheek. 

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