MAFS: Dan’s mum does NOT approve of ‘wife’ Tamara

"There is no warmth there."

After a rocky start, Married at First Sight’s Dan and Tamara seemed to be sorting through their differences. However, after meeting Dan’s family for lunch, everything changed.

Before the pair even had food on their plates, the car broker’s family began interrogating the Melbourne based beauty about her intentions. 

“Are you sexually attracted to him?” his sister asked on tonight’s episode of the hit series. “Are you falling in love?” “Do you find him attractive?” “Is there a spark?” his mum continued. 

Although her answers seemed to be on par with how she feels about her television hubby, Dan predicted her loveless responses wouldn’t be enough to win his family over.  

“My family asked a few hard questions today. Mum drilled Tam with the questions she had,” the dad-of-one began. “I don’t know if she got the right answers or what she was looking for, but I think she held herself pretty well.” 

Possibly the most awkward family lunch that's ever taken place!
Possibly the most awkward family lunch that’s ever taken place!

After the pair left his family’s Gold Coast home, Dan’s mum Gabrielle shared what she really thought about the Melbourne administrator… and she didn’t hold back. 

“To be quite honest, I don’t think she’s right for Dan,” she said before explaining the pair don’t have chemistry. 


“Watching them today at lunch, there was no affection. I know he loves a bit of warmth and Tamara doesn’t have that. If she can’t show him any love, I am a bit concerned that she won’t be able to show his son any love.” 

Later in the episode, Dan and his mum had a heart to heart, when she told him Tamara isn’t “wife material”. 

“Just tell me straight up. What do you really think?” he asked his mum. 

“I haven’t seen any touching each other. You haven’t touched her and she hasn’t even touched you,” she began. “If you like somebody you’d be touching one another. The warmth isn’t there and I know you need that affection. I am generally never wrong. She’s not for you.” 



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