Shouting and shoeys: MAFS is back with a bang

The first trailer promises more drama than ever.
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Love is officially in the air… along with some tears, screaming, and a shoey? These things combined can only mean one thing, Married At First Sight is back.

WATCH BELOW: Married At First Sight 2021 First Look | Love is unleashed

Channel Nine has dropped a first look at the country’s wildest social experiment and there’s already a lot to digest.

The video starts off very optimistic, with an emotional bride saying she’s hopeful a beautiful man falls in love with her.

“I think he’s the person I’ve waited my entire life for.” (Credit: Nine)

I’m looking for that person who sets my soul on fire,” a groom also says.

“I think he’s the person I’ve waited my entire life for,” another bride adds.

The music swells and maybe this season will be excessively wholesome after all?

“I’m just really uncomfortable around feet,” a groom admits as his bride thrusts her foot into his face. Oh, never mind.

Some couples do appear to find a spark. (Credit: Nine)

In classic MAFS fashion, things get slightly chaotic as the trailer cuts to a clip of a bride shaving her husband’s chest, followed closely by a different clip of a bride amid a fiery argument.

“I told you to get… stop it, stop it!!” she screams while pictures of what look like all the grooms are laid out in front of her. Could this be another ranking disaster?

And then we have the infamous dinner party setting, where a bride says: “You might like things one way and I like them the other way, but my way has to be the right way.” 

MAFS will begin in just a few weeks! (Credit: Nine)

Soundbites from grooms saying “get a personality,” and “get over yourself,” as well as plenty of tears ensue. So it looks like that quintessential MAFS drama is back with a vengeance.

The show’s love experts also make a cameo, with John Aiken saying to an unidentified participant: “you look like you were repulsed by him”.

This is followed by a mass walkout during what looks like a commitment ceremony.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” John tells his fellow experts, Alessandra Rampolla and Mel Schilling.

We have questions… (Credit: Nine)

OK, but now the wholesome vibes are back as participants fawn over each other, kiss in pools, and sexologist Alessandra says she’s excited to help her couples create positive sexual connections. 

Aww, what a lovely way to end… oh wait, someone’s doing a Shoey. Well, such is the duality of MAFS. 

It all kicks off on January 31st on Channel Nine.

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