MAFS 2023: Bronte and Melinda’s feud explodes

Things are heating up!
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Married At First Sight Season 10 may have offered viewers some serious drama, but up until now, the friendships have seemed pretty solid. 

Unlike previous seasons, this series of MAFS have been surprisingly friendly… up until tonight, that is. 

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Retreat Week started off with a bang and not in the way viewers were expecting. 

The couples started off the week just fine for the most part, but the relationship between Melinda and Bronte broke down spectacularly. 

(Credit: Nine)

It all started during the first night of retreat week, when Melinda alongside four other girls confronted Bronte about her relationship

Melinda alongside Claire and Alyssa revealed their concerns to Bronte, revealing that they were afraid she was “losing herself.” 

“She’s ignoring the bad… I just want to make sure she’s not losing herself and repeating old patterns,” explained Melinda. 

Although Bronte shot back to the group that she “walked down the aisle to Harrison, not you,” the girls were relentless, revealing the “red flags” they saw in Harrison. 

(Credit: Nine)

But Bronte wouldn’t listen, telling the group that Harrison had never manipulated her. 

And the next day, Bronte was still upset – especially over Melinda calling her “naive.” 

“To call me naive is basically calling me dumb and that my relationship with Harrison isn’t real,” Bronte explained. 

(Credit: Nine)

The following night, during “girls’ night” Bronte and Melinda butted heads again. 

Whilst Bronte was upset with Melinda’s “naive” comment, Melinda questioned why she was singled out when so many girls offered their opinion the previous night. 

Although their argument has remained *relatively* calm, if teaser trailers are anything to go by this feud really heats up! 

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