MAFS bride Coco’s sexy bodysuit divides fans

"Coco's back baby and she's shining!"
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Aside from the drink throwing fight between Bryce and Sam, there was one other hot talking point of Wednesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight – Coco Stedman’s super sexy outfit.

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The bride, who was matched with Sam Carraro, has developed feelings for groom Cameron Dunne and donned a very special outfit to attract his attention.

“Excited for him to see me in my outfit,” the Pilates studio owner mused ahead of the dinner party.

“It is a skin-tight, see-through, cheeks popping, titties dropping, head to toe black rhinestone bodysuit. Coco’s back baby and she’s shining!”

She knows how to make an entrance! (Credit: Nine)

Everyone in attendance couldn’t resist weighing in on Coco’s risque look.

“I don’t think she’s trying to look good for me considering we’re not really together but that’s fine, she’s putting it out there,” her on-screen husband Sam said.

“I think all our husbands are going to want to go home with you!” bride Jo even stated.

“Coco’s outfit is pretty out there,” Samantha, Cameron’s wife said. “I don’t know about that G-string, leotard, see-through thing. I wouldn’t even wear those as swimmers to be honest.”

But it was Cameron who had one of the most glowing reviews and confessed: “She’s looking alright isn’t she. Coco definitely came to this dinner party dressed to impress that’s for sure.”

Cameron was certainly a fan of the look. (Credit: Nine)

Even the experts had something to say about Coco’s dazzling and revealing outfit.

“That is quite something, wow,” mused expert Mel Schilling, adding that she was “oozing sex appeal.”

Newbie Alessandra Rampolla also remarked how Coco was “making a statement.”

“What is that about? Who is she dressing up for? The girls? Herself? Not Sam, somebody else?”

“Coco’s back baby and she’s shining!” (Credit: Nine)

On social media, Coco’s outfit was the fashion equivalent of Vegemite – some loved it and some simply hated it.

And whilst some slammed the TV bride for her outfit, explaining that it was inappropriate for dinner and more suited for clubbing, Coco had an army of female fans supporting her.

Coco looks incredible and the girl KNOWS it and i want to be her best friend,” one penned.

“Love Coco’s outfit…… I say if you’ve got it flaunt it,” remarked another.

One even wrote on Instagram: “Came to the comments and all I’m seeing is people judging a strong willed women for wearing something most people would be too scared to. Good on her for owning her body and wearing something she likes rather than adhering to societies standards.

“And to the women bashing Coco, I hope you weren’t celebrating International Woman’s Day on Monday with these comments.. What happened to women supporting women? If we put each other down, what does that say to men about what they can say to us?”

(Credit: SHEIN)

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