MAFS’ Georgia and Kerry’s cute friendship with former bride KC

"My kind of crew."
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Once you star on Married At First Sight, you have a special connection with the brides and grooms who appeared on previous seasons. Season eight’s Georgia Fairweather and Kerry Knight are no exception, as they’ve been spotted hanging out with season seven’s KC Osborne and have struck up quite the friendship.

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Over the weekend, the former reality stars shared a series of photos of themselves partying it up in Queensland.

On Sunday, Georgia uploaded a candid photo of herself and KC, who starred on the show last year, dressed in pink party dresses.

“Saturday night boogie with my girl,” she sweetly captioned the photo.

KC shared her own sweet photo of herself, Georgia, Kerry and Georgia’s business partner Laura Williams captioning it: “My kind of crew.”

The season seven bride also shared a sweet selection of photos to her Instagram Stories including one of herself, Georgia, Kerry and Kerry’s MAFS husband Johnny Balbuziente captioning it “What a crew.”

“Saturday night boogie with my girl.” (Credit: Instagram)

The photos garnered plenty of likes and comments, but eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice that season eight groom Jason Engler had some rather flirty comments directed at KC.

In response to Georgia’s photo, he penned: “Yeah my girls!!!!!” followed by the fire emoji and after seeing KC’s group photo, he cheekily wrote: “Dammmm who that bird on the right??” along with two heart-eye emojis.

Jason infamously made headlines when a video of himself making homophobic comments about bisexual groom Liam Cooper resurfaced. The video also featured Georgia, Liam’s on-screen bride and Johnny, Kerry’s MAFS husband.

Jason (right) made some flirty comments directed at KC. (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

Kerry, who is still with her MAFS match, previously revealed that she’s living with Georgia in Brisbane.

“It’s the best. We get along like a house on fire. She travels a lot for work. I spend a lot of time with Johnny, so we’re not on top of each other. We have a shared lounge and kitchen, but both have different sides of the apartment,” Kerry told 9 Entertainment.

“Her friends have taken me in as a stray puppy and it’s awesome. I’m so happy.”

Georgia and Kerry (centre) have moved in together in Brisbane. (Credit: Instagram)

KC, who starred on the seventh season of MAFS, was originally matched with musician Drew Brauer but then had a relationship with co-star Michael Goonan after the show.

In an exclusive chat with podcast Love in Realitythe season seven bride revealed that she and Michael went to season eight contestant Bryce Ruthven’s house for dinner in 2020 when he was still with his then-fiancée, Liana.

Not long after, Michael informed KC that the couple had split and that Bryce was going to star on MAFS and KC remarked that, at the dinner, Bryce had appeared very interested in their experience with the reality show, however thought nothing of it at the time.

“There was a lot of talk of it [the show],” she explained on the podcast.

“He was very friendly to us so I’m not sitting here saying he’s a bad guy, I’m just talking from experience. He was really talking about MAFS but I just thought it was because he’d interviewed all of us.”

“I really liked my MAFS experience. Little did I know I was selling.”

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