EXCLUSIVE: MAFS Mishel and Steve claim Seb applied for the wrong reasons

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Does anyone join Married At First Sight in the hope of finding a life partner? According to Steve Burley and his television wife Mishel Karen, the answer is no!

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Mishel and Steve reveal who went on the show for ‘fame’

Speaking to WHO during our exclusive shoot, we asked Mishel and Steve whether they believed any of their co-stars signed onto the show for the wrong reasons… and they wasted no time sounding off a host of names. 

“Who is in it for fame? There’s quite a few,” Mishel said, eager to spill some much-needed tea. “Hayley, Cathy, Stacey…”

“Sebastian?” Steve asked his gorgeous wife, who quickly nodded. “He always said he wanted to be an actor or something like that.” 

In the same breath, Mishel— who has worked hard to keep her nose out of all the drama that’s ensued on this season— tore into Seb’s MAFS wife, Elizabeth Sobinoff, claiming she can’t stand her! 

“Far out, it’s frustrating as f**ck when people weren’t real. Out of the originals, no one,” she said when asked who got on her nerves. “But out of the intruders, probably Lizzie. She annoyed me but I just kind of ignored her.” 

Mishel can’t stand Lizzie. (Credit: Nine Network)

The Brisbane based school teacher wasn’t done bashing Lizzie, claiming she unfairly received the royal treatment while the rest of this year’s MAFS cast suffered. 

“She didn’t do it like us. She did it in first-class while we did it in third class… No, the luggage area of the plane.”

Then, Mishel suggested the retail assistant only returned to the show so she could be thrust into the spotlight once more. 

“She’s fake,” she said, refusing to mince her words. “She was in it for fame. Like, no one would ever endure this twice. If you had sanity, would you go through the whole experiment as we went through again?” she asked Steve. “She wants to be Insta famous, she wants an extra 150 not 150, 000 followers.” 

“She’s fake.” (Credit: Nine Network)

Sadly, Mishel and Steve aren’t the first reality TV stars to claim Lizzie is looking for social media sponsorships over fame, with Jess Power and Dan Webb echoing a similar sentiment. 

“When I found out she was going back on the show last year, I said ‘you have to be desperate to go back on.’ I mean, come on,” Jess told New Idea while reacting to last night’s explosive MAFS episode with her cheating ex Dan. 

“And then when I heard about that fight with Lizzie and Cyrell and how she was getting upset that she wasn’t getting publicity… And it’s sort of like, are you going back on the show for Instagram or love? I think if it was anyone, Melissa should’ve gotten a second chance. She really wanted to find love last year.” 

“You have to be desperate to go back on.” (Credit: New Idea)

“I don’t know. She’s made a massive transformation so I don’t know if she finds it hard meeting someone. I know you and me and a lot of other people know it’s not that hard to meet someone. Do you need to go on national television to meet someone? Yeah, probably not,” Dan added. 

In spite of this, the former couple— who infamously split on Talking Married after their controversial romance went south— hope things work out between Lizzie and her television husband Seb Guilhaus. 

“I think Lizzie got ripped the first time around. Pairing her with Sam was not a good idea and the experts made a big f***ing deal about that” Dan said. “It would be good for her to find someone to settle down with. She’s been through a lot of ups and downs in the past 12 months so I hope she works with Seb. He seems like a legend and genuine as.” 

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