Fans are convinced they know who The Masked Singer’s Professor is

Could it be a Bachie?
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Season three of The Masked Singer Australia is upon us but reality TV fans are already convinced they’ve solved the identity of the mysterious Professor.

WATCH BELOW: Who is The Masked Singer’s Professor?

In the cryptic clues, the “opinionated” Professor said that they’re someone who not only wants to make the world a better place, but also someone who pushes “the boundaries of our reality.”

Knowledge and science is important to them, but they don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

“Our mother universe is huge. The possibilities for love are just as big. As-as-as long as we have some faith.”

Professor added that they “like to think outside the square” and “break stereotypes”, but one clue in particular stood out.

In the video clip explaining the clues, eagle-eyed fans noticed a rose and how Professor addressed how “the possibilities for love” are just as big as the universe.

“I have certainly been a bachelor at times in my life. But to me, love is paradise,” they also mused.

Whilst the celebrity panel guessed the man behind the mask could be Professor Brian Cox, Bobby Cannavale and Waleed Aly, Jackie O hinted that a certain season seven Bachelor could be the mystery figure.

“An astrophysicist, the rose, the looking for love. Too obvious?” she pondered.

Could Matt Agnew be the Professor? (Credit: Instagram)

However Twitter blew up with many fans suspecting that the actor and musician Ben Lee is the elusive Professor. 

Rather than being a symbol often associated with The Bachelor, the rose clue was also interpreted as a nod to Rose Byrne, Ben’s co-star in 2003 film, The Rage in Placid Lake.

The actor also spent some time in South America, specifically Peru, where he experimented with psychedelic drug, ayahuasca. His upcoming album is even titled Ayahuasca: Welcome to The Work.


Other guesses include musical comedian Tim Minchin, TV and radio personality Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and another Bachelor, Matty J!

“Unfortunately it’s not me, as much as I would like it to be me, it’s not,” Matty J confessed on his Instagram Stories the morning after the premiere before singing his rendition of Paul Kelly’s Dumb Things which Professor belted on Monday night.

Guess we’ll have to keep watching for more clues…

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Who do you reckon Professor is? (Credit: Ten)

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