Miley Cyrus responds to being assaulted and groped by a fan in Barcelona

She's very "unsettled".
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Over the weekend, horrifying footage of Miley Cyrus being groped inappropriately by a fan emerged online. 

In the video, the singer— who’s promoting her new EP, She is Coming while in Barcelona for the Primavera Sound music— can be seen taking photos and chatting to fans before an unknown man leaps out, grabs her hair and desperately tries to pull her in for a kiss. Visibly shaken up and shocked by the sudden attack, the footage shows Miley’s security team stepping in to intervene before she grabs husband Liam Hemsworth by the arm for help. 


Since the worrying video went viral, a source close to the “Wrecking Ball” singer revealed to E! News that while she “always respects her fans’ enthusiasm,” Miley was extremely “unsettled” by the incident. The insider also confirmed that the star is “doing fine now”. 

Miley is yet to speak publicly about the incident. 

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