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Meet the couples of Married At First Sight Australia 2024

Will they find lasting love? Or will they crash and burn?
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Married At First Sight Australia has kicked off with an almighty bang! We’ve already had cringe-worthy encounters, tense conversations and what can only be described as one of the worst Best Man speeches of all time. Shout out to the guy with the mullet, that speech was horrendous. 

As we settle in with popcorn and anticipation for the rest of the season, we’re all eagerly awaiting to find out which of the MAFS 2024 couples are still together. 

The show has a somewhat-low success rating, with just six couples still together from its ten-season run. Perhaps this will be the year they add a few more success stories into the mix?

Starting off strong, first week introduced us to all 20 new contestants – and nine couples. Get to know them below…

sara and tim
Sara and Tim are off to a rocky start, after being called a perfect match by John Aiken. (Credit: MAFS)

Sara & Tim

Off to a good start at the ceremony, it appeared that 29-year-old Sara and 31-year-old Tim might just be a match made in heaven. 

He loves to surf, he’s charismatic, well-travelled and fit; she’s looking for someone with all of those traits. 

This couple have the potential to be lightening in a bottle, they are exactly what each other have asked for and, I believe, what each other need,” expert Mel Schilling said of the duo.

Their wedding ceremony saw sparks fly, but their reception turned those sparks into a dark storm-cloud (a little weather humour, for fun). 

Tim’s revelation that he had only recently ended his six year relationship was followed by a genuinely awful speech from his Bes Man, which left Sara’s friends seeing red… flags. 

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cassandra and tristan magfs

Cassandra & Tristan

On the other hand, lovable Cassandra and kind Tristan – both 30 – had a stress-free ceremony and reception.

Major sparks weren’t flying for the pair, but that’s to be expected when you marry a total stranger under the watchful eye of several guests and an estimated one million people at home. But despite their nerves, it was clear the couple were off to a sweet start.

I think the experts did a great job. He’s funny, bold, courageous and I adore that. I already adore him,” Cassandra told producers.

Here’s hoping the romance can continue to blossom for these two.

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mafs tori and jack
(Credit: Nine)

Tori & Jack 

As a self-proclaimed “Alpha,” Jack is sure to ruffle some feathers on this season of MAFS. Paired with Tori – who is equally strong-willed, will their marriage be the start of a new dynamite couple or will the newlyweds clash? 

Whilst we hope for the best, rumours of Jack’s relationship with another woman mere weeks before the start of filming have definitely over-shadowed the couple’s first week on the show. 

Will their initial chemistry be enough to see them through to Final Vows? We’ll have to wait and see! 

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lucinda and timothy mafs
(Credit: Nine)

Lucinda & Timothy 

Timothy entered the experiment to find a partner he could share his life with after facing the heartbreaking death of his father just six weeks before filming.

Looking for someone “caring and nurturing,” the experts matched him with Lucinda – and whilst he felt a bit out of his depth during the wedding, it’s clear there’s a genuine connection between these two! 

“I can see she’s so ready to pour all that heart and emotion into this man,” Mel explained of the matching. “Tim is looking for someone with a huge heart that can be vulnerable, and I think Lucinda brings all of that,” added John.

natalie and collins mafs
(Credit: Nine)

Natalie & Collins

Self-described dork Natalie, 32, has been matched by the experts with “chatterbox” Collins, 28.

Although Collins may not have much (well, any) experience when it comes to dating and relationships the experts are hoping Natalie can help him find his feet.

Will Natalie be patient with Collins and develop a slow-burn relationship? Or will Collins once again find himself in the friend-zone? Their wedding went off without a hitch – so fingers crossed! 

jayden and eden mafs
(Credit: Nine)

Eden & Jayden

Sparks flew between 26-year-old professional kickboxer Jayden and Eden, 28, during their wedding ceremony. 

As they both navigate a new relationship after heartbreaking experiences with cheating, will the pair find trust in each other and move on from their past experiences? We’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out, but it’s looking good so far. 

“They’ve both experienced the same betrayal and it makes it easier to trust someone when they’ve gone through the same thing,” expert Alessandra Rampolla said of the couple.

ellie and ben married at first sight
(Credit: Nine)

Ellie & Ben

After experiencing heartache and a called-off wedding, the MAFS experts believe Ellie, 32, needs someone like Ben, a 39-year-old tour guide who is ready to settle down.

“Ellie is a person who really deserves a second chance,” John explained. 

There was definitely chemistry between the duo on their wedding day, so we’re hoping the experts are right!

lauren and jonathan mafs
(Credit: Nine)

Lauren & Johnathan 

Lauren, 32, entered the experiment looking for someone “level-headed” who could balance her out and has been paired with health business owner Jonathan, 39, who loves a good routine.

Will the self-described “crazy” bride find a connection with her “unlucky in love” groom? We’ll have to wait and see if Lauren can make things work with the type of guy she needs rather than the type she usually goes for – but if the chemistry on their wedding day is anything to go by, we’re hopeful! 

andrea and richard mafs
(Credit: Nine)

Andrea & Richard

After separating from his wife of 28 years, 62-year-old Richard was looking for his forever person before getting paired with photographer Andrea, 51. 

“We’ve never seen a couple with this much maturity and life experience before, so the two of them are going to meet at a very different level to our other couples,” expert Mel Schilling explained.

Their wedding was clearly one of the smoothest of the season, with laughter, fun and their children’s seal of approval! But will the couple make it to final vows? Only time will tell! 

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

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