The Bachelor’s Bella’s unseen moment from final scene

"I just kind of shut off and went into logic mode."
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Another year, another Bachelor season done and dusted – and the debris left floating to the ground includes one very loved up couple and one very broken heart.

WATCH BELOW: Locky doesn’t choose Bella

Yes, Bella Varelis certainly drew the short straw when she was rejected by the Bachelor Locky Gilbert on national television before he eventually chose his winner, Irena Srbinovska in a grand finale that had the country on their edge of their couches.

And perhaps the anticipation was all the more greater given the fact that the Bachelor‘s pick was as good as anyone’s in the lead up to that final moment – including for Locky himself.

“I still have no idea what I want to do,” Locky told the cameras shortly before the final rose ceremony.

“I keep going back and forth back and forth thinking which future do I want? And they both look bloody amazing. I don’t want to sound selfish but I want to choose the future I can be the best me, so I can be the best for them.”

His final line reverberated across the screen: “You don’t break up with someone that you love.”

Locky fell for both Bella and Irena. (Credit: Network 10)

But that, he appeared to do.

As Bella approached the Bachelor in a stunning purple strapless gown, she was the image of confidence. and having just heard Locky tell her he was in love with her, why wouldn’t she be?

But as she approached Locky, and he crumbled into tears, the blindside decision became clear.

“When I told you I love you, like, I meant every single word,” Locky said to a confused looking Bella.

“But… I have fallen in love with two girls. And I know you don’t, like, sort of see where your future is at the moment. I think I need just a little bit of certainty. I just don’t know if I can see us working,” he finished.

With the grace and dignity of any self-respecting single, Bella remained straight-talking.

“I just don’t get it. Yesterday, you told me you were in love with me. I said to you, as long as we’re together, that’s all that matters. We can nail out the details.”

Locky reiterated that he just needed a little more, and for the 25-year-old Sydney-sider, that was all she needed to hear.

“…Can I leave? I’m going,” she said, before making a swift departure.


Bella’s exit was an iconic one. (Credit: Network 10)

Just hours after that emotional scene went to air across Australia, Bella caught up with Now To Love in a candid and open chat about how things really went down.

And interestingly, while her demeanour might have appeared one way on screen, it turns out there was a lot more going through her head that we never realised.

Keep scrolling for our one-to-one with the brave Bachelor runner-up.
“I think I’ve finally got some closure now.” (Credit: Network 10)

Now To Love: Bella, we’re so sorry to see you go through such a heartbreaking moment. What a time you’ve had! How are you doing now it’s all played out on-screen?

Bella: Thank you! I think I’ve finally got some closure now. Living through it the first time you’re not sure how to process all of the emotions, you replay it a thousand times in your head. But watching it back is a whole other feeling. It kinda transports you back to that moment.

But like I said, [watching it] was the closure I needed. These things happen, he’s just not my person. It’s a closed chapter and now it’s time to start a fresh one.

Nicely put! We’re keen to know how it all really played out during that final scene, you seemed so confident going into it, but what was it really like?

I actually wasn’t confident at all, I did have a niggling feeling in the back of my head about it. And that’s just a women’s intuition right? You just know when something isn’t 100 per cent.

When I was in that moment I sort of went numb, and my protective barrier when up. I just kind of shut off and went into logic mode. I had to ask the questions and then leave.
“Watching it back is a whole other feeling. It kinda transports you back to that moment.” (Credit: Network 10)

That was an incredible moment and you did it with a hell of a lot of dignity. Can you tell us how you coped mentally in the aftermath of that breakup?

Look I wasn’t doing too great up until a few days go. It’s been a pretty rough few weeks mentally, and it’s really hard when only five per cent of what actually happened showed [on-screen].

People are very quick to judge, but watching it all back this week I knew I stayed true to myself. I’m a passionate women and I won’t let people I don’t know have this power over me. I’ve come out of this stronger and more powerful.

We love to see it! And have you spoken to Locky or Irena at all since filming wrapped?

No I haven’t. I do wish them both the absolute best – at the end of the day it was Locky’s love story, and I think it’s done and dusted.

Fair enough! So what about you, we’ve seen you linked to a few other reality stars, Nathan Favro for one – is there anything going on in your love life?

[Laughs], I’m not dating anyone, but every day I find out something new about myself [via the media] – all of a sudden I’m dating Cody Simpson. Next it was Nathan and then at one point it was Bec [Cvilikas]! You almost have to laugh.

Like Bec is obviously my best friend, I went into the show to find a soul mate, and I did find that in a friendship. She’s been such a big support.

And I’ve known Nathan for a really long time, he’s been such a big support too because he’s been through it.

So yea, I’m not seeing anyone. I’m just going to date myself first.
Bella is going to date herself first before getting back out there. (Credit: Instagram)

Tell us more about your friendship with Bec, you guys seem so great together!

Yea we’ve moved in together now and it just kinda worked out really well. We just balance each other out so well. Like, sometimes we even wear the same clothes without meaning to.

We were going to say that! You guys often match up when you’re out and about, so that’s not on purpose?

[Laughs] No! I think an article said we must be sponsored by Adidas, but we genuinely had no idea.

Like sometimes we look back at our outfits and we’re just like, “Are we for real?” We are too much!

It was meant to be! As for Locky, can you tell us more about what he was really like behind the cameras? Do you think he was really genuine?

Well who am I to say what someone else’s truth really is – I’m not gonna say anything either way because I don’t know.

But I think he did have well enough intentions, and I don’t think he spitefully wanted to hurt anyone. But I do definitely know now that what you see in the media or on screen is usually not true, or a very small part of the story.

He does have a good heart but it just wasn’t meant to be for us.

“Bec is obviously my best friend, I went into the show to find a soul mate, and I did find that in a friendship.” (Credit: Network 10)

What about those rumours that were going around about your feud with Irena?

All of those things about me body shaming Irena was the farthest thing that happened. Irena has an amazing body and I told her that bloody daily.

I think at the end of the day, there’s been so many articles that have come out about me, and it’s a matter of realising that if it hasn’t come from my mouth andI haven’t confirmed it then just don’t believe it.

Like from the contract I supposedly had [with Channel Ten] to being an actress and living in LA, I’ve done neither of these things [laughs].

I will definitely be trying to debunk a lot of these rumours. It’s the nature of the beast of course, but I can’t turn a blind eye.

Good on ya! So what’s in store for the future now everything’s out in the open?

Well look I’m not jumping to do more reality TV unless it comes my way. I would love to do the Bachelorette if it was a sure way to find the person I’ll end up with, but we’ll see!

Any other final parting words before we let you go, Bella?

I honestly didn’t expect the amount of love that I’ve been getting, and of course there’s a few nasty people out there but if they’re going to go out of their way to project, then that’s their problem.

This article was originally published on our sister site Now To Love.

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