SPOILER ALERT: The Bachelor final five revealed

And that's not the only info that's come out.
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The Bachelor Australia 2020 is quickly proving itself to be the epitome of reality TV spin.

We’ve had highly strung cocktail parties, tears, tantrums, more tears and a very clear front runner (ahem, Bella, ahem).

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But just because the format is something we’ve very much seen seven times before (to be very exact), doesn’t mean the end is going to be all that predictable.

The spoilers that’re surfacing left, right and centre are certainly seeing to that.

While the ultimate winner of the show is most definitely a solid TBC for the time being, Bachie insiders, pap shots and Locky’s plethora of women he decided to turn down have given us plenty of insight to keep us interested.

We take a look at the biggest spoilers to come from The Bachelor‘s 2020 season so far.

Bachelor 2020
Brace yourselves, spoilers are coming! (Credit: Network Ten)

The final five have been revealed

In a twist that we weren’t quite ready for, The Daily Mail released photos over the weekend apparently revealing exactly who the final five women are left vying for Locky’s heart.

While a few of them won’t come as a big surprise (we can spot chemistry from a mile away), it’s still a very interesting insight into how things are going to play out.

If you’re not into spoilers, this is definitely a point where you should stop reading, FYI.

So, without further ado, it looks like the five women left will be Irena Srbinovska, Bella Varelis, Izzy Sharman-Firth and our second episode intruder Kaitlyn Hoppe.

Oh, and the last? Well…

Bella and Locky
Bella caught Locky’s eye from the moment she walked in, so it’s no wonder she makes it far in the competition. (Credit: Network Ten)

Yep, there’s another intruder ahead

In the photos from The Daily Mail, a fifth mystery woman has been revealed.

Yep, ~draaama~. While it’s not yet been confirmed as to who this woman is, it does seem like she’s got all the makings of Locky’s dream gal.

The plot thickens…

Two women who are a shoo in

We don’t really need to explain this one – from episode one it became quite clear that Bella and Irena were in this one for the long haul.

As for who wins though is anyone’s guess.

At the moment, the bookies are giving us a little insight, with Irena slightly ahead of Bella as the top two contenders.

The bookies reckon Irena is Locky’s lady at the end. (Credit: Network Ten)

Areeba weighs in

There’s nothing like a little slip of the tongue – thought this one was surely on purpose.

Speaking to The Daily TelegraphAreeba revealed who she ultimately thought was in with a grin.

“I think Irena [will win]. I think Bella is too obvious, there is way too much connection already. Irena is a sweet girl,” Areeba told the publication.

She does have a point, and given Irena’s lack of airtime, yet clear popularity as the favourite, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her take the whole thing out.

Areeba reckons Irena will be Locky’s winner. (Credit: Network Ten)

Locky’s in lurve

Yes, we don’t know who Locky chooses, but we do know that he’s a smitten kitten with whomever that is.

Speaking to Now To Love earlier this month, the Aussie Bachie was positively gushing about his new gal.

“It’s an amazing feeling – I don’t think I’ve felt love like this before.”

“I wake every morning and the love is stronger and stronger, I can see so far into the future [with her].”

Jeepers. Looks like we’re in for some seriously PDA-filled posts when the cats finally out of the bag. Brace yourselves.

This story was originally published on our sister site Now To Love

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