The key Bachelor vs Bachelorette difference

Aside from the obvious, of course.
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Every year, a bunch of hopefuls saunter up to the Bachelor or Bachelorette mansion in the hopes of finding their perfect someone. Or at least get dressed up and have a champagne on national television.

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In the eight seasons of The Bachelor Australia and the six of The Bachelorette Australia, critics have shone a spotlight on the lack of diversity and out-of-date contestants with the same host of characters from surefire winners to the backstabbing villains.

But one of the show’s own has noticed a glaring difference between the contestants on the two shows (yes, we know one pool are male and the other female), and it totally went over our heads until now.

Former rose-giver Georgia Love took to Twitter after the 2020 Bachelorette premiere on Wednesday to raise an interesting point.

“So wait. Every year the Bachelor gets 23-26 girls, yeah? And now we have TWO women and 18 guys?” she questioned, alongside a GIF that reads “Hold on…explain…”


Georgia has a point – the Bachelors have had a bevvy of beauties to choose from with as many as 28 contestants (intruders included) like 2019 Bachelor Matt Agnew had.

The Aussie Bachelorettes, meanwhile average around 18 men to choose from – Angie Kent was the luckiest Bachelorette who had 22 men vying for her heart.

What’s more, The Bachelor tends to air for a week or two longer than The Bachelorette – we usually spend about five weeks watching the girls find love whereas the boys require six or seven weeks.

Locky had 23 girls to choose from, along with intruder Bec. (Credit: Ten)

Elly and Becky have definitely had the fewest men this year, having only 20 guys to choose from between the pair of them. And fans are feeling for them.

After the cast photo was shared by the official Bachelorette page, fans couldn’t help but comment on the lack of diversity and small pool of gents.

“Only 20 gentleman for 2 sisters, should’ve be more,” pondered one.

“Do both girls share one pool of guys? Seems like the short straw,” commented another.

Georgia’s Twitter post also stirred up conversation online.

“Is it just me or has this been the norm for Bachelorettes?… I feel like the women always get short changed in terms of numbers!” one replied.

“Gender pay gap. Channel 10 can afford more women for the same price,” stated another.

Let’s hope a few more intruders turn up pronto.

Even though there are two of them, Elly and Becky had 20 men to date between the pair of them. (Credit: Ten)

Viewers of the 2020 Bachelor and Bachelorette have been left unimpressed by the show’s stale format – and the ratings have shown it.

Locky’s season gained 872,000 national viewers which was quite a drop from Matt Agnew’s 1.07 million in 2019. 

Meanwhile Mumbrella reported that Elly and Becky’s first episode drew in an audience of 628,000 viewers which is the lowest number on record.

Before the Miles sisters’ premiere, the lowest rating season on record was Ali Oetjen’s which brought in 631,000 viewers.

Perhaps a shake-up is what’s required for 2021 with more diversity and a fair shot at love for men and women.

Do the Bachelors get special treatment over the Bachelorettes? (Credit: Ten)

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