The Bachelor’s Bel shares virtual rose ceremony woes

"I don't recommend it to anyone!"
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2020 has been a challenge for everyone what with the coronavirus pandemic, but this year’s Bachelor contestants have certainly had a wild ride.

After two months of not knowing what would happen, the ten remaining girls and Locky Gilbert embarked on a world first that is now known as Love in Lockdown.

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But Bel Colwell also experienced her own world first when she was suddenly eliminated… via web chat.

In an exclusive chat with Who, the 25-year-old media buyer spills what it was really like to be dumped on national television from your own living room, plus why the whole experience was still a highlight.

Commiserations Bel, it’s never fun to be eliminated. But how does it feel to be the first person in the world to be eliminated via a virtual rose ceremony?

Oh look, I don’t recommend it to anyone! But someone has to do it so I’ll take that brunt.

How did the process go? Do you just shut the laptop and that’s it?

Pretty much. There’s a red rose just sitting at you and then you just close the laptop.

Following your elimination, was it nice to be back at home already?

There were perks. Obviously it’s better to be with everyone because you can hug everyone goodbye and have a moment with Locky if you need it for that closure but then on the other side you’re already home. But now I sometimes look at my living room and think of that!

Who was in the house with you at the time because you’d have a camera crew there too, right?

I had my shooter producer because you’re only allowed one person in the house with you. It was nice, he sat with me in the house afterwards and asked me if I was ok. He was the best.

Well, that was a first. (Credit: Network 10)

Were you surprised to go? We saw a bit more of you last episode with the psychic medium and you even had some one-on-one time with Locky.

I didn’t see it coming to be honest, I was a bit shocked. But at the end of the day he just must not have felt it and you just have to believe that that was that. It is the way it is.

So there were real feelings for Locky there?

Yeah definitely, especially because of all that Covid time. I’m fine now but maybe at the time I didn’t see any of it happening. I felt it at the time but in hindsight you get confused with how you’re feeling with everything.

How long was that hiatus between the time in the mansion and Love in Lockdown

There was a two month break, give or take. We all kept in contact and had free reign to talk to Locky whenever we wanted. I tried to sit back, I didn’t want to overwhelm him because he had nine people to talk to. I talked to him when he would call or FaceTime me and I’d try not to be too clingy.

“I didn’t see it coming to be honest, I was a bit shocked.” (Credit: Network 10)

There are two names that everyone’s thinking will be the final two but do you have an inkling of who will win judging by the connections you saw?

It’s kind of hard because as I watch it I see he has connections with so many of the girls. I don’t know who he ends up with but whoever he does, it’ll be great I think.

The female friendships that come out of The Bachelor are some of the nicest stories. Who were you closest with in the mansion/online?

Nicole and Clare were probably my two best friends in the house but then I was pretty close to Izzy, Steph, Bella, Lei, Charley. All that crowd!

Would you be open to doing Bachelor in Paradise?

Yeah, if I was still single and that came up definitely. I’m not one to say no to an experience and I believe you can’t really lose from it so I’d definitely be on board. It would be so much fun.

Bel was the first virtual Bachelor eliminee. (Credit: Network 10)

For anyone thinking of applying for The Bachelor next year, what advice would you offer them?

I would say don’t do it during a pandemic! [Laughs] I would say go into it with no expectations – just be as vulnerable and open as possible. Enjoy every day that you have there and give it your all.

Did you have a particular highlight?

I think the whole thing was a highlight. There’s not one moment where I was like ‘This is the best.’ Definitely towards the end for me was better because I got a lot more time with Locky and the extra time with him that I had was a nice night that I’ll keep. The whole thing was such an experience.

Bel and Locky
Bel admits her entire Bachelor experience was a highlight. (Credit: Network 10)

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