The compelling black dress Bachelor theory

There's a fashionable link between the show's previous winners.
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Every year, a bunch of hopefuls rock up to the Bachelor mansion in the hopes of finding their happily ever after. And when certain girls approach their Bachelor, you just know they’re making it to top five at least.

WATCH BELOW: Sam Wood meets Snezana on The Bachelor

The tinkling romantic music, the long and lingering looks – it’s kind of obvious when a certain character is going to be one to watch.

However, we here at Who have noticed a certain sartorial link that the majority of Bachelor winners share – and it’s all to do with the very first outfit we see them in.

Let’s take it back to the very first season of the Aussie franchise when a fresh-faced Anna Heinrich met her future husband Tim Robards who described her as “dazzling” and “amazing.”

The criminal lawyer oozed effortless glamour in a floor-length black gown and weeks down the track was crowned the winner.

Anna Heinrich kicked off the trend back in 2013 during season one. (Credit: Network 10)

Fast forward to season two when Blake Garvey popped the question to a pre-Home and Away Sam Frost. The relationship may not have had the fairytale ending that Tim and Anna had, but she too was wearing a black frock at that first cocktail party.

Season three saw Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski’s heartwarming romance unfold, and what was Snezana wearing when she taught her future husband how to pronounce her name? You guessed it, a black dress.

The most recent Bachelor winner Chelsie McLeod also wore a one-sleeved black dress when she met her short-lived boyfriend Matt Agnew.

Even the season when there wasn’t a winner (*cough Honey Badger cough*), last girl standing Brittany Hockley wore a dark, floor-length ballgown when she met Nick Cummins. Ok it was navy blue, but still pretty close.

Past winners Sam Frost, Snezana Markoski and Chelsie McLeod also wore black dresses as they arrived at the mansion. (Credit: Network 10)

Of course, there is always an exception to the rule and in this case there are two.

Season four’s Alex Nation and season five’s Laura Byrne opted out of the unofficial black frock dress code and instead wore green outfits to the first cocktail party. Whilst Alex sparkled in a sequined forest green number when she met 2016 Bachelor Richie Strahan, Laura left Matty J speechless on their first meeting in an olive green two piece. 

Since none of Locky’s remaining girls wore green when they rocked up at the mansion, we’re sticking with this black dress theory.

And if it rings true, Irena will be the last girl standing. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

The two exceptions to the rule. (Credit: Network 10)

There have been a few subtle clues that nurse Irena Srbinvoska steals Locky’s heart and wins season eight of the show.

Aside from our *totally legit* dress theory and being the betting agencies’ number one pick, a former winner has also noticed a sign.

Upon watching this season’s premiere, season seven’s Chelsie pointed out a clear change in the show’s music on Irena’s entrance.

“Ooh, winner’s music!” she said in an Instagram video before captioning: “Top four surely… that music. She’s cute.”

Nice dress Irena. (Credit: Network 10)

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