The Bachelor: Why Chelsie fears her connection with Matt “isn’t genuine”

Is she ready to throw in the towel?
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Although Matt Agnew has long been vocal about his feelings for Chelsie McLeod, the fan favourite— who’s slated to win this season of The Bachelor—is struggling to keep her eye on the prize as she fears Matt’s heart lies with another contestant. 

“She’s becoming really insecure as she’s seeing the relationships Matt has with the other women,” a source spilled to New Idea. “She really thought that what they had was special, so seeing him also be intimate with the other women is really hurtful and it’s getting harder and harder for her as the show goes on.”

According to the insider, the blonde beauty— who we can exclusively reveal has made it to the top four— is finding the astrophysicists willingness to kiss the other women “hard to stomach” and, as a result, is starting to question whether his feelings for her are genuine. 

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It appears as though Chelsie’s trust issues stem from being cheated on in a past relationship. And despite bravely opening up to Matt about her previous heartbreak during their second single date, the insider claims the situation is far worse than she’s led him to believe. 

“She’s actually been cheated on numerous times and she really opened up to Matt on the show and trusted what he was telling her so it would be really bad on his part if he wasn’t being genuine,” the insider dished. 

“It would absolutely crush Chelsie if she was left heartbroken again.”

Chelsie and Matt during hometown visits.

From the get-go, Matt and Chelsie have had undeniable chemistry. 

“It feels like she’s reading the handbook of what Matt’s looking for in a relationship,” he gushed in a piece-to-camera during their first single date. “Every time with Chelsie, she just makes me happy. We have a ridiculous amount in common, and it’s just so easy and natural when we’re together. 

Last week, fans of the popular dating series were ready to put their money on the TV star— who is currently tipped to win on Sportsbet—after the Bachelor contestants’ WhatsApp group revealed she receives the final rose. Screenshots from the private chat titled “MA [Matt Agnew] ABSOLUTE BEST” suggest the chemical engineer ends up winning Matt’s heart with Abbie Chatfield and Helena Sauzier coming in second and third. 

After Network 10 realised the messages were leaked, former contestant Nichole Wood told A.B and Ben on the ‘Coff Coast’s Hit105.5‘ breakfast radio show that the group chat was shut down. 

“There was a big group chat but yeah, it did stop because it became a bit too much, too much drama and everything,” Nichole said. 

“Everyone was in it. It has stopped now, and if you want to talk to someone, you talk to them individually. We just keep it out of being in a big group, because it can get a bit misconstrued.”

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