Mirrorball’s voice has got The Masked Singer fans guessing

She can hit a high note!
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The Masked Singer‘s Mirrorball set our living rooms alight in season four’s premiere, as she took to the stage to perform Olivia Newton-John’s Xanadu.

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She had the panellists up on their feet and dancing, with Mel B exclaiming “I know that voice!”

But when it came down to it, the four judges had very different guesses for who might be hiding under the giant reflective helmet.

Here are all the clues we have about Mirrorball, and the best fan theories we’ve seen so far.

Who is Mirrorball? (Credit: 10)

What are Mirrorball’s clues?

Before Mirrorball basically confirmed she’s a singer with her amazing performance, she gave us some extra clues about who she might be.

“I’m Mirrorball, I was born to do what I do and my parents knew it. But when the spotlight’s not on me, I don’t react. I’m proud and determined, close to grand in fact,” she teased.

Even when everything turns to ashes I go on unharmed. When you’re in the spotlight you can be grilled by total strangers, that’s something you can bank on. I am the Mirrorball and now is my time to shine.”

Her little spiel was accompanied by a video package, which included some weird clues of its own.

Mirrorball was seen busting some classic disco dance moves, and also standing proudly between a Mexican flag and a flag with the number 48 on it.

Next, we saw her reclined behind a piano with two framed photos – one of John Travolta, and the other of Uma Thurman.

The panel had some pretty strong guesses! (Credit: Getty)

What did the panel think?

The panel were allowed to ask Mirrorball one question, leading Chrissie to query the significance of the photos of John Travolta and Uma Thurman.

“I’m no stranger to the screen, big and small, where every day is a good time, that’s where you will find Mirrorball,” she answered.

The clues, and her response, had the judges guessing widely.

Mel B judged the 2012 season of The X Factor Australia, leading her to believe it was winner Sammy Jade under the mask. Chrissie Swan paid closer attention to the song choice, and the photos on the piano, guessing that it was Chloe Lattanzi under the mask, the singing daughter of Olivia Newton-John.

Mel, Abbie, Dave and Chrissie were all convinced they were right. (Credit: 10)

Abbie guessed it was American reality star Kyle Richards behind the Mirrorball, given her status as a child star.

Meanwhile, Dave Hughes opted for Lindsay Lohan after a clue that referred to “Covid keeping us apart”. Lindsay Lohan was a panellist alongside Hughesy in the first season of The Masked Singer, leading him to guess she might have made her grand return – this time on the stage.

So, who is Mirrorball?

Strangely, some fans are not aligning with the panel’s guesses, with a few thinking it’s Kylie Minogue.

“Got the feeling it’s Kylie which would explain why Danii isn’t on the panel this year,” one took to Facebook to write, referencing Dannii Minogue’s recent exit from the judging panel.

Kylie was also recently in Australia filming the Neighbours finale, making the theory plausible.

Could it be Delta Goodrem? (Credit: Getty)

“My guess is Delta,” another fan wrote. “She played Olivia Newton-John.”

“It’s Patricia Arquette,” added a third. “Her sister Rosanna was in Pulp Fiction and the neither big or small clue could be referring to the show Medium, which she is most well known for.”

While some of these guesses make a bit more sense than others, we’ll still be on the edge of our seats waiting to find out who Mirrorball is!

The Masked Singer is airing on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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