Anna or Tim: Who does Elle Robards look most like?

The Bachie baby sure is a cutie.
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When Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards welcomed their baby daughter Elle to the world in November 2020, the cuteness was just too much.

WATCH BELOW: Tim Robards shares adorable video of Elle waking up

The new parents are so in love with their baby daughter and love sharing snaps of her with their Instagram followers.

With her glorious crop of hair, Elle sure is a cutie but fans aren’t sure whether she resembles her blonde bombshell mum or former Bachelor dad.

Talk about a good looking family! (Credit: Instagram)

Ever since the day she made her Instagram debut, Elle has divided fans.

In a recent snap uploaded by Anna, one fan remarked: “Tim with blonde hair.”

Another photo that Tim shared of himself and his baby daughter left one fan remarking: “I thought she looked like Anna but now she really looks like you!!”

Daddy’s little girl! (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, others are convinced that it’s a case of like mother, like daughter.

In honour of Anna’s 34th birthday, Tim shared an adorable throwback of his wife as a baby – and the resemblance between her and Elle is uncanny!

“Found this photo and now I know where Elle’s hair came from!” Tim joked in the caption.

Fans have agreed in the comments of various photos, with one commenting: “She looks like her mummy to me so far.”

Some reckon, though, that she’s the perfect blend with one Instagram follower commenting: “Love it!! That’s the way! Your daughter it’s beautiful like his mom and dad! Blessings!”

Anna and Elle sure do have some similarities. (Credit: Instagram)

In an exclusive chat with WHOthe new parents revealed that there was an instant connection as soon as Elle entered their world.

“As the days go on and she gets more of a personality, we just fall in love with her over and over again,” Anna revealed.

“Even sometimes when you’re struggling to put her down to sleep and she finally goes to sleep, and then I’m like, ‘Aww, I want to hang out with her again! I want to play with her again!’ It’s all those clichés that parents say, it’s the hardest thing but it’s also the best thing.”

And the mum-of-one says she’s keen to have more than one bub too.

“I’ve grown up with two sisters, Tim’s got a brother and a sister and I’ve always loved having siblings. So hopefully one day in the future we can give Elle a brother or a sister.”

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