You stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold might be dating in real life

A match made in Hollywood heaven.
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In news that would make Joe Goldberg slip into a murderous rage – but would make fans swoon – Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold might be dating.

It’s a case of life imitating art for the You season three co-stars, but only so far as they look cute together. Not the whole neighbours to lovers to attempted murder path.

The pair star as Love Quinn and Theo Engler on the hit Netflix series, with the married Love having an affair with college student Theo in the recent season. Their relationship ended when she bludgeoned him with a fire extinguisher after realising he ‘knew too much’ about her, shall we say, complex relationship with Joe.

In real life, the pair are running errands and hanging out in Los Angeles – leading to reports that they’re an item. 

victoria pedretti and dylan arnold
Love and Theo’s relationship came to a dramatic end on You. (Credit: Netflix)

Page Six reports the 26-year-old actress and her 27-year-old co-star were seen doing lots of “couple friendly” activities in LA this week. You know, drinking coffee and shopping for toilet paper. 

They were also seen later in the day, following an outfit change, heading into the same home while holding toothbrushes. So, we know they have good tooth-brushing routines? 

The rumour that they could be a couple isn’t exactly a shock to those with their finger on the pulse. Real-life Gossip Girl and celebrity oracle Deux Moi shared a submission in October that revealed “Pedretti and Arnold are dating and she’s pretty crazy about him!!”

Now, the pair haven’t commented on their relationship status, but the photos have certainly sent fans into orbit. 

“Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold dating in real life is my newest obsession sorry,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

“Stop sending me the pics of Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold together. I already saw it & my day is ruined,” joked another.

“Muffin eating flirtation worked. I’m so happy for them they look so good I don’t know who I’m jealous of,” said another.

We’ll be over here happy crying in the corner.

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