How To Find The Right Bra Size: A Quick And Easy Guide

Tips on how to find the right bra size for you.

Bras: they either make you feel like the sexiest woman alive, or an awkward bumbling mess. Bras are part of a girl’s everyday wardrobe, so knowing your correct bra measurements is crucial for comfort. A fitted bra alone can spell the difference between your outfit looking absolutely perfect, and that same outfit looking a little bit off

Knowing how to measure bra size is more than just looking great, but also feeling great: wearing the wrong bra size can actually badly affect your health. So if you’re wondering what bra size am I? and how do bra sizes work?, then keep reading!

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What’s With All The Different Bra Sizes?

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and so do breasts. Of course, this means that not everyone can wear the same bra. Enter the bra size guide.

The bra size guide takes two things into considerations: the band and the cup. The band is the part of the bra that goes around your torso and below your breasts, providing extra support. The cup is the part that actually covers the breasts and helps keep them in place.

How Do Bra Sizes Work?

Band measurements are measured in inches and are always an even number. Cup measurements are given in letters, though it isn’t as simple as going through the alphabet, as you’ll be dealing not just with As, but double As too or even triple As and so on.

It may seem like two women might have similarly-sized breasts, but their bra sizes might be completely different from each other. This is why it’s very important to get a proper measurement, and not rely on guesswork.

What’s the Most Common Bra Size?

In Australia, the most common bra size is around a C or D cup. The average cup size used to be a B, but with the advent of better ways to measure, more women have moved up to their appropriate sizing. It may not necessarily mean that Australian women are getting bigger breasts, but simply that most women used to wear the wrong size. Even now, a whopping 80 percent of women still don’t know their correct bra size!

Am I Wearing The Right Size?

As you’re reading this, chances are you’re wearing a bra. Notice if you’re comfortable, or if you’re hyper-aware of your bra. If you barely notice your bra, that’s great! You’re one of the lucky few who are wearing the right bra size. 

However, if you feel your bra straps digging in, your bra cups are wrinkly, or your band is riding up, it’s a sign that you’re wearing the wrong size. It’s time to ditch this bra and find one that actually fits!

How To Find The Right Bra Size

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How to measure yourself for a bra? While the best thing to do would be to get a professional bra fitting, you can actually get a pretty good fitting by yourself. All you need is a soft measuring tape, a full-length mirror, and a bra size chart. It’s also quite helpful to have a friend around to help you check if you’re measuring the right places!

Step 1: Finding Your Band Size

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Take your tape measure and wrap it around your torso, right below your bust. With your mirror, check and make sure that the tape measure remains parallel to the ground while it sits snugly on your ribs. Take note of the measurement, and round it up to the next whole number. If the number is even, add two; if it’s odd, add three. This will be your band size.

Step 2: Finding Your Bust Size

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Now take your tape measure and find the fullest part of your breasts. You can use your nipples as a guide. This time, you don’t need to get such a snug fit – let the tape measure lie somewhat loosely across your chest. Note the measurement and round it up to the next whole number (if needed). This is your bust size.

Step 3: Finding Your Cup Size

To calculate your cup size, take your bust size and subtract it from your band size. Now you have your cup size.

There are slight differences between different countries when it comes to sizing, so make sure to check what size convention your store follows so you can easily find its equivalent!

Is This The Bra For Me?

You now have your measurements, but this isn’t always enough to find the perfect bra. Different manufacturers may have slight differences in their sizing, and style also plays a big role in finding the right bra.

Use your measurements as a guide, but always fit a bra before buying it. The feel of a bra will always be the most important factor.

Different Cup Styles

The cup style of a bra can drastically change the way it feels when it’s worn, especially the more dramatic ones. However, they all serve a different purpose, so make sure you get a cup style that suits your needs.

Open Cup

This is definitely the most dramatic style. An open cup bra can mean no cup at all, or it has cutouts that show off the entire breast. This kind of bra is definitely not an everyday style, but one reserved for special occasions in the bedroom.

Half Cup

As its name implies, a half cup bra only covers half the breast. This is perfect for low-cut necklines, as the bra stays hidden underneath clothing. The half cup bra can provide ample support, especially those with an underwire.

Quarter Cup

As its name implies, a half cup bra only covers half the breast. This is perfect for low-cut necklines, as the bra stays hidden underneath clothing. The half cup bra can provide ample support, especially those with an underwire.

What About Sports Bras?

For the more active ladies out there, a sports bra is a must. Without a properly-sized bra, your workouts can get a get real tough, real fast! Generally, the rules for fitting a sports bra would be the same as the ones for regular bras, but what’s really important is the fit. When trying on a sports bra, move around and jump up and down to test the support; if there’s too much bouncing around, then you’ll probably need to find a better fit.


With all the numbers and the letters and the math, all these bra sizes can be rather overwhelming! But if you know your measurements you’ll definitely be a step in the right direction toward finding that perfect bra! So get ready to say goodbye to ill-fitting outfits, painful straps, and weird cup shapes, and say hello to a much more comfortable and confident you.

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