Abbie Chatfield lashes out over election results: “I don’t have to be kind”

Why she's had enough of "loser Liberals" in her DMs.
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Abbie Chatfield has lashed out at Liberal Party supporters who have been “trolling” her following the Labor Party’s victory in the 2022 federal election.

WATCH BELOW: Abbie Chatfield reacts to angry Liberal supporters after election. 

The former Bachelor star was among many celebs who took to social media on Saturday night to react to news Anthony Albanese will be Australia’s new Prime Minister.

Posting a snap of her and a number of unidentified friends flipping the bird to a phone streaming Scott Morrison’s concession speech, Abbie made her stance on the election very clear.

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“Bye babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you know everyone in this club was happy when I told them u lost,” she captioned the bold photo, adding, “Yes, we are watching the election at a bar.”

Mr Morrison’s supporters didn’t take kindly to the post, flooding Abbie’s inbox with angry messages which she responded to in a series of straight-talking stories on Sunday night.

Abbie made her political opinions known before and during the election. (Credit: Instagram)

“There are so many liberal party voters abusing me in my DMs like they were Trump supporters when Trump lost in 2020,”

“I’m just like, it doesn’t matter. You lost. Don’t get mad at me, you lost!”

She added that some critics tried to school her on how the Australian voting system works, claiming that Prime Minister elect Anthony Albanese didn’t truly win.

Abbie said multiple trolls claimed “preferential voting” was to blame for Mr Albanese’s victory, to which the former Bachelor star replied: “Yeah, that’s how our system works you f—king losers.”

The critics appeared to be suggesting that because Mr Albanese’s victory was based on a preferential voting system, it was somehow illegitimate, despite Australia having run elections this way for decades.

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“If he won the preferential vote, he won the vote,” continued Abbie, who has made her distaste for the Liberal government clear in the past.

“This is like the happiest day of my life, sorry you loser Liberals cannot take it away from me.”

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However, some of the social media star’s followers weren’t impressed with her antics, one even reaching out to remind her that “kindness is free”.

Abbie responded in kind, telling her followers in another story: “Babe, sometimes political opinions aren’t kind or nice to the individuals.

Abbie didn’t mince her words on the topic. (Credit: Instagram)

“But unfortunately the way this country has been f—king run [by Scott Morrison’s Liberal government] has been cooked and the people who I’m talking about are f—king trolling me right now.

“I don’t have to be kind. This is a political matter, get f—ked.”

While many of her fans cheered Abbie on for her straight-talking response, some criticised the star for using her platform to promote her own political views.

“Used to love you Abbie, your strong opinions on this election have changed that. You cannot advocate freedom of choice and then act like you have,” one commented.

Somehow, we don’t think Abbie’s going to care too much.

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