BIP’s Alisha calls out ex Jules in Instagram feud

And we're still unsure of what Jules is on about.
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Bachelor in Paradise may be over for another year but the drama is still unfolding, it seems.

Despite the fact that Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Glenn Smith are more loved up than ever, Alisha’s BIP ex Jules Bourne has made some awkward comments that have descended into an Instagram feud.

WATCH BELOW: Alisha Aitken-Radburn slams Jules Bourne and ends their fling 

Over the weekend, Alisha shared an adorable photo with her partner Glenn, but it was Jules, who had a fling with Alisha during Bachelor in Paradise season two, who left arguably the strangest comment.

“GOOGLE SEARCH FROG MEME,” he wrote beneath the snap.

However, Alisha was not going to let her ex have the last word and clapped back with her own reply of: “@hules_bourne probs time to tap out buddy.”

What’s more, Glenn also left a cheeky comment hitting back at Jules that read: “@jules_bourne google search umbrella of ambiguity.”

Glenn and Alisha
But what do all these cryptic comments mean? (Credit: Instagram)

It’s unclear what Jules means by referencing the frog meme which started as “Feel Good Frog” but has since become a symbol of the alt-right.

However, the umbrella of ambiguity reference traces back to something Jules told Alisha during their season of Paradise.

“I feel like moving forward under an umbrella of ambiguity would be best for us,” he said at the time – a phrase that Alisha was naturally shocked and upset by.

“I’m not going to let myself leave Paradise under an umbrella of ambiguity. I’m just not going to let it happen, it’s unfair,” she said at the time.

To top things off, Alisha shared another photo of herself and Glenn posing under an umbrella along with the caption “Hey Siri play Umbrella by Rihanna.”

Alisha and Glenn
Is that an umbrella of ambiguity we spy? (Credit: Instagram)

Alisha’s fans delighted in her cheeky Instagram clapback and shared their delight in the comments.

“That umbrella looks mighty ambiguous,” one joked.

Another commented: “The umbrella of certainty.”

“Alisha and ‘Greg’ clap back,” penned another, referring to Alisha’s accidental slip of the tongue when she called Glenn by the wrong name in Paradise.

Looks like not even an ex can unsettle these two!

Jules’ comments didn’t go down too well with Alisha and Glenn. (Credit: Network Ten)

Speaking on the So Dramatic! podcast, Jules revealed ahead of the BIP finale that he was happy for Alisha’s new relationship with Glenn and explained what went wrong between himself and Alisha following their TV romance.

“We were getting to the end of Paradise and I would say we were in a really good place,” he said, clarifying that their romance was “100 per cent” genuine.

Jules then explained that at that stage he and Alisha had known each other for 23 days and decided to go at their own pace to find out if what they had was “sustainable and real”.

“TV doesn’t like when TV doesn’t happen on their camera. I was under the impression that we should go at our own pace back in Australia and continue what we have which is really awesome in Australia. I believe the TV gods weren’t happy with that – they wanted a definitive yes or no to happen on camera for their product which is fine but an ultimatum was given to me by Alisha indirectly by the producers.”

He added: “If you don’t want me to be your boyfriend right here and right now but you want to be more than friends, as a boy I would argue that more than friends is a boyfriend.”

jULES and Alisha
No umbrellas of ambiguity anymore! (Credit: Network Ten)

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