Bella Varelis spills more relationship details in new video

From Bachelor revelations to baby plans!
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She had her heart broken by Locky Gilbert on The Bachelor, but Bella Varelis is well and truly smitten with her new boyfriend Will Stokoe and has taken to YouTube to share some interesting new details about their relationship.

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Appearing on her YouTube channel with Will, Bella, 26, answered questions from fans on camera ranging from all things Bachelor through to their marriage and baby plans.

The couple revealed that they met at a club last year through mutual friends but can’t pinpoint the exact moment they crossed paths and waited three months before going official.

Though he didn’t watch The Bachelor, Will, 23, thought that his now girlfriend would be the last girl standing.

“I followed her at the time so I was already following her. While I was following the journey, somewhat, I had thoughts that she was going to win just because of my previous encounters with her and my experiences from meeting her like how she lovely she was,” Will confessed.

Bella added: “That’s nice. I kind of prefer that you haven’t watched it anyway.”

Bella also added that it was “definitely” hard to be vulnerable with somebody after The Bachelor.

“It’s weird because I remember being able to talk about my feelings really well on the show and then I came off and I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Bella admitted she prefers that Will didn’t watch her on The Bachelor. (Credit: Ten)

The couple even answered some of the more personal questions fans asked.

When Bella read the question “Do you see yourself marrying this man?”, the Bachelor beauty laughed and remarked: “Yeah I do.”

However, don’t expect any genetically-blessed babies anytime soon.

“I’ll probably wait until I’m 28 or 29,” Bella replied to a fan.

So smitten! (Credit: YouTube)

Bella and Will went Instagram official back in February when the former reality star shared a sweet photo of the pair with their arms around one another.

“Film moments with my special human,” she captioned the snap.

She also re-posted it on her story with the caption “Cat’s out of the bag… thought it was about time you all officially met.”

The post was met with many messages of congratulations from fans.

Yess, I’ve been waiting for this,” one remarked.

“Gorgeous, so happy for you lovely,” commented another.

Could wedding bells be ringing for the couple soon? (Credit: Instagram)

She may be all loved-up now, but Bella previously had a romantic connection to incoming Bachelor, Jimmy Nicholson.

The season eight runner-up confirmed the news to The Wash and admitted that they’re still on good terms.

“Yeah, we were chatting and went on a couple dates towards the end of last year; we got set up by a friend,” she said.

“He’s are really lovely human, definitely deserves to find love!”

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