Lisa Wilkinson says she feels “sorry” for Karl Stefanovic

The TV host dished on her former co-host!
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The Project‘s Lisa Wilkinson finally revealed what happened when she ran into her fellow former Today show host, Karl Stefanovic, on the red carpet at the Logies.

In a recent interview, Lisa opened up about the nature of their relationship following Karl’s axing from Channel 9’s Today show, claiming she felt “sorry” for him.

Lisa Wilkinson told Karl Stefanovic ‘to go **** himself’

In June, onlookers said that Lisa and Karl acted like strangers on the red carpet at the Logies.  

“The pair didn’t spend any time chatting to each other on the red carpet,” an insider told a local publication. 

“At times, it actually looked like Lisa was trying to avoid Karl.”

Last month, Lisa told The Herald Sun that she doesn’t work well alongside people with “big egos”, assumedly talking about the father-of-three

“I’m not great around big egos, that doesn’t bring out the best in me,” she remarked.

However, the 59-year-old recently dispelled the rumours of their feud in an interview with Spectrum.

“I did see Karl at the Logies,” Wilkinson told the publication. 

“I went up and said hi towards the end of the evening because I was feeling a bit sorry for him.”

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According to Lisa, Karl was the butt of every joke throughout the Logies (which prompted her to check in with him).

“I just wanted to make sure he was OK. He became everybody’s favourite punchline that night and that can’t be easy,” the Aussie TV personality stated.

Lisa’s supportive outlook is a far cry from some of her previous comments about the 45-year-old.

She took a not so subtle swipe at Karl after people began speculating that he was gunning for a spot on The Project’s panel. 

“I think we’re all full at the inn at the moment,” the Channel 10 journalist told TV Week. “He might have to take a number!” 

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The two former-Today show hosts were a favourite as far as on-air pairings go – the Sydney Morning Herald reported that their departure from the Today show caused a significant slump in ratings.

Together, the breakfast show hosts reached the most metropolitan ratings weeks in 2016.

Lisa opened up what made their partnership work in her interview with Spectrum.

“Even though Karl and I had an incredibly successful partnership, not even we can specify what it was that worked,” Wilkinson says.

“You never know how two people will go until they’re on air and under the spotlight for three-and-a-half hours every day.”

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