EXCLUSIVE: Hugh reveals what it’s *really* like to enter Love Island with your sister!

He doesn't think Claudia and Austen will win!
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His time on Love Island Australia may have been short, but it sure was sweet for Hugh, who arrived in the Villa only last week with his twin sister Maddy. 

Despite his short stay in paradise, Hugh had a blast, telling WHO he got the “full Love Island experience.” What may that be? Good friends. Instant connections and fun in the sun of course!

Before leaving the Villa, Hugh spoke to WHO about his time on the show, what it was like entering the Villa with his sister and who he thinks will win the season (spoiler alert: It’s not Claudia and Austen!).

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Firstly, how did you feel about being dumped from the villa. Were you expecting it?

Yeah, honestly, it was short and sweet. But I had an amazing time. I’ve had the full Love Island experience. I made a connection really early on, I made some really good friends, and it was good to see Maddie build a strong connection with Callum. 

Love Island
Hugh and his sister Mads. (Credit: Nine)

What was it like being a bombshell? Do you feel like it’s a disadvantage coming in so late?

I don’t think it’s a disadvantage being a bombshell. But I think coming in as late as I did, maybe a little bit. Because when I got in everyone was already saying, ‘I love you,’ and getting into relationships. So it was a little hard, but I’m always up for a challenge.

If you had the chance, would you still make the same decisions? Or was there anything you wish you would have done differently?

No, I would have made the same decisions, I had absolutely no regrets at all!

Love Island
Bye Hugh! (Credit: Nine)

Were there any girls that you were already coupled up that you wish you could have gotten a shot with?

I had conversations with all the girls and I feel like I just clicked the most with Stella. So yeah, I’m happy with my decision, I wouldn’t change it.

What was your Love Island highlight? 

It would have been either the first day where it was me and Maddy doing the twin reveal or the festival night! 

Love Island
Hugh think his sister might win the season! (Credit: Nine)

What was it like going into Love Island with your sister?

It was amazing. Having a whole journey together, flying over to Spain, and doing everything together definitely brought us a lot closer together. 

Is this the end of reality TV for you? Or would you do it again, either on Love Island or another TV show?

No, I would definitely do it again. I honestly loved it. 

Who do you think will win?

Maddy and Callum!

Are you still in touch with anyone from the villa? 

Yeah, I’ve caught up with pretty much most of the islanders. And we’ve been hanging out a fair bit.

Love Island Australia airs 6pm Monday – Thursday on 9Now.

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