Love Island Australia: The one girl Tak thinks he could have won the season with

"This is just the beginning for me.”
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As Love Island Australia season four draws closer to finale week, the eliminations get more and more emotional. 

And after a series of bombshell eliminations, it was time for one OG cast mate to get eliminated.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be for Tak, who failed to make a meaningful connection with anyone in the Villa. 

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However, he doesn’t regret how he played the game, telling WHO exclusively he was proud of being “genuine” the whole time, and had no regrets. 

Although fans might have been surprised by Monday night’s elimination, Tak was definitely expecting his time in the Villa to be cut short. 

“Yeah, I was definitely expecting it,” he explained. “I knew that Stella was going to pursue Mitch.”

Love Island
Peace out, Tak! (Credit: Nine)

“I still would do everything the exact same and I don’t think I would have changed anything,” he told WHO. “I think I was so genuine to myself and my feelings the whole time, so I have no regrets.”

And whilst he may have no regrets, he thinks if he and Jess had coupled up from the start they would have been unstoppable. 

“I feel like if me and Jess had coupled up from the beginning, we definitely would have been sweet till the end,” he shared.

Love Island
It just wasn’t meant to be for Tak and Stella. (Credit: Nine)

Although Tak has no regrets about his time in the Villa, he isn’t shy about the not-so-great parts of the show, admitting he considered sending himself home earlier throughout the competition. 

“Yeah, there were a few moments when I was sort of just getting over it. And I was definitely close to just leaving and just eliminating myself. But they managed to keep me in there.”

Love Island
Tak and Maddy have both been eliminated. (Credit: Nine)

And the million-dollar question of who Tak thinks will win? We aren’t surprised to find out he also has his money on fan-favourites Claudia and Austen. 

“In my book its pretty clear that Claudia and Austen are going to win,” he explained. 

The Love Island season may be over for Tak, but this probably won’t be the last you see of him. 

“Would I go on Love Island again? Maybe,” he laughs. “But I definitely would do more TV. I think this is just the beginning for me.”

Love Island Australia airs 6pm Monday – Thursday on 9Now. 

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