Married At First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis was called out for another humiliating photoshop fail

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Married at First Sight‘s Martha Kalifatidis is being called out again for Photoshopping an Instagram photo.

When the 31-year-old shared a bikini photo from her holiday in Greece, followers were quick to notice a telling crooked line.

WATCH: MAFS’ Martha responds to critics who spotted her Photoshop fail

The MAFS star looked beautiful in her white bikini as she posed between two large stones by the water.

However, a noticeably curvy line next to her right thigh revealed that the brunette bombshell had used Photoshop on the photo.

Furthermore, the area around the thigh appeared to be pixilated, exposing her Photoshop fail.

It’s not the first time the reality star has been called out for Photoshopping her Instagram photos.

Recently, fans accused Martha of altering another photo from her trip.

Martha was pictured posing in a pale pink bikini on a hotel balcony in Mykonos, and captioned the photo, “It’s not often I post a photo without a filter but when I do.”

Despite her adamance that the photo was unfiltered, the warped edges and blurred sections of the image raised suspicion amongst her followers.

“But when you do, you post it with a bit of a nip and tuck with a liquifying app,” wrote one follower, noting the blurred areas underneath Martha’s left armpit and upper arm – both of which appeared to blend almost completely into the background.

The sections of pixels surrounding her waist also indicated that the Kim Kardashian lookalike used liquifying tools.

Perhaps the most obvious sign was the edge of the concrete barricade behind Martha’s waist, which appeared to warp upwards in an unnatural fashion.

“Where did your stretch marks on your boobs go? I thought you were filtering them? Have you had treatment for them? I want to know what to do! Help!,” said another.

In July, the influencer shared an Instagram snap of herself from her holiday in Cairns, posing in a crop top, faded jeans and stilettos alongside ficus rubiginosa trees.

Once again, several of Martha’s followers accused her of Photoshopping the image, with fans asking on Instagram, “Why does her wrist look so bendy?” and “What’s going on with your forearm?”

The tv star was also caught editing an official Channel Nine promotional photo for Married At First Sight, earlier this year.

Martha appeared to have altered the image to make her waist thinner, slim down her neck and jaw and reduce the visible shine on her face.

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