Married At First Sight reunion will feature Cyrell glassing someone according to ex Nic

This is shattering.
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This is the reunion we have all been waiting for.

In six weeks Married At First Sight finishes.

We’ve already seen leaked production notes that pretty much says everyone breaks up except for Jules and Cameron.

The finale will also see the return of Ines Basic, and then there’s the secret clip Martha keeps talking about.

And now in the audio below Nic alleges Cyrell GLASSES SOMEONE. We can’t actually compute what we are hearing.

Nic Jovanovic dropped 2Day FM’s breakfast show when Grant Denyer dished: “My sources told me [about the glassing incident] and I have very reliable sources!”

“We know it’s true because I know people who were there.”

He then asked, “Mate, the reunion… [the] glassing. Come on, tell me bro!”

The 28-year-old replied, “[It’s] not quite an actual glassing. But, yeah some intense stuff happened that’s for sure.”

Grant’s co-host Ed Kavalee asked: “The conjecture is that we know a crew member had to step in, right? Because Cyrell lunged at Ines?” 

Nic dished, “I’m not going to say who lunged at who, but you can imagine there was a “Cyclone” involved.”

Grant was originally told by a well placed source from MAFS, that someone attempted to ‘glass’ someone during the reunion.

“They all hate each other so much more now… so it kicks off next level. There is a major fight, a physical fight, girl fight,” he said at the time.

“So one of the contestants walks over and pours a full glass of alcohol on top of another person’s head, then the glass in hand is smashed on the table.”

“And then she goes for the face of the person who spilled the wine.”

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