MAFS star Rhyce accused of theft after video emerges

The tattooed reality star is denying the allegations
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The “hot brother” of Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power has been accused of stealing money and jewellery from his housemate in Bali.

WATCH:Rhyce Power accused of theft after video emerges:

Rhyce Power was sharing a villa with a friend in Bali last month, when the incident is said to have occurred, with the unnamed friend stating that ‘$50 or $60 cash’ and a ring went missing,” according to the Mail Online.

CCTV footage shows the reality star wandering into his friend’s room – however both Rhyce and his friend admit that he was given permission to enter the room to “look for missing crockery.”

Rhyce Power
CCTV footage of Rhyce entering his friend’s room (Credit: Facebook)

Rhyce, 28, insists he has nothing to do with the missing items.

‘The footage only shows me going into his room, which he approved, [it] doesn’t mean I stole anything,’ Power told Daily Mail Australia.

“The footage was from August 16 at the villa I was living at for three months and only now it’s come out that my housemate lost a ring and about $50-$60,’”he continued.

I remember that day asking him personally if I could go into his room and look as all our plates and bowls went missing.

‘It’s funny this is all coming out now when I left Bali four weeks ago.’
‘At the end of the day you’d know if you lost a ring and $60, why wasn’t I approached about this then I left Bali over a month ago?’

While there is no suggestion that Rhyce stole the items, his friend has claimed to have attempted to contact the reality star on multiple occasions and has allegedly got the police involved.

Back in January, Rhyce addressed serious allegations made against him via an anonymous source from a gossip website.

Speaking to The Kyle and Jackie O Show about the allegations, the tattooed star said: “Someone’s got a photo saying I’ve got VROs [Violence Restraining Order] against me and [that I’m violent] against women. Someone took a photo off Google [of a heavily bruised woman] and posted that I’ve done it.”
“It’s pretty sad because the girl it actually happened to in 2015 messaged me crying her eyes out because she just got over it. Now this photo’s gone viral about her.”

Kyle Sandilands asked: “That totally not true, is that what you’re saying? It’s just a fabrication?”

Rhyce replied, “It’s not true at all. Listen I’ve never been in a fight.”

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