Abbie Chatfield on the Real-Life Impact of FBoy Island

"Genuinely, I think it’s revolutionary.”
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Since starring on The Bachelor in 2019, Abbie Chatfield has continued to jump from strength to strength. Alongside her hit podcast, in 2023, Abbie added the title of reality TV host to her resume – hosting the hit BINGE reality dating show FBoy Island. 

As a former dating show contestant herself, Abbie continues to bring her unique expertise and perspective to her role as host, with her trademark candid humour making FBoy Island one of the most entertaining new reality programmes. 

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield announces FBoy Island hosting gig. Article continues after video.

Speaking to WHO at the 2024 AACTA Awards, Abbie shared that despite the fun and games of the first season, she believes that FBoy Island plays an important role in starting open conversations about dating. 

“I know the show gets a lot of s**t for being silly, but genuinely, the way that we structure it is digestible information about how patriarchal ideals can affect people in dating – particularly women in cis-hetero relationships,” Abbie said. 

“Things like ‘Lim-bro’ that are silly, jokey things actually create conversations in people’s living rooms about like, ‘Oh, why don’t men know what the word erogenous means? What’s up with female pleasure and the orgasm gap?’ Genuinely, I think it’s revolutionary.”

Launching in the United States in 2021, FBoy Island echoes a similar structure to other island-based dating shows, with three starring women embarking on their quest for love. Joining them on the island are 24 men, with 12 being self-proclaimed ‘FBoys’ and 12 self-proclaimed nice guys.

At the end of the show, each woman will choose a man – ‘FBoy’ or ‘nice guy’. If an ‘FBoy’ is chosen, they can choose to keep the prize money for themselves whereas, if a ‘nice guy’ is chosen, the pair split the money and go on their merry way.

Following the success of the first season, FBoy Island Australia is slated to return for a second highly-anticipated season. Although she may be leading the contestants through their time on the island, Abbie joked about navigating the complex world of dating, telling WHO, “I’m going through a breakup right now, so maybe don’t do anything that I would do. Think, ‘What would Abbie do?’ and do the opposite, and go on FBoy Island. At least win some money if you’re going to be an FBoy.”

Abbie is gearing up for her latest hosting gig. (Credit: Instagram)

While Abbie’s charm and humour may have cemented her status as one of Australia’s favourite reality hosts, Abbie previously revealed to WHO that she was nervous to take over the role of host. 

“I am kind of sh***ing myself because I’m thinking the success of the show kind of kind of relies on me,” Abbie said ahead of the season one premiere. 

“I mean, other people as well. but I will get blamed if it’s a flop from the public. So you know, I’m a bit nervous, but I’m sure Warner Brothers [the producers] are going to do an amazing job.”

On the other hand – seeing as she has previous dating-show-adjacent hosting experience with Love Island Afterparty, as well as contestant experience on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise – she is hopeful that she will be of help to the female contestants.

“I hope the girls trust me, because I’ve been where they are. I can help them even in terms of off camera and their anxieties, or their mental health, or how weird it is being locked in the house for three weeks…”

FBoy Island will be ready for streaming in 2023. (Credit: Instagram/Binge)

Speaking further on the show format itself, Chatfield also revealed, unlike other reality shows, the series will also feature skits that will contribute to the series’ “comedic” and “light-hearted” tone.

Furthermore, given the theme (and title) of the show, she also announced that the series aims to “educate the masses in what is and isn’t okay in terms of dating etiquette.”

She said that this would be achieved through sit-down moments with the eliminated contestants.

“There are parts of the show where I am with the guys who have been eliminated and I explain to them why things in their real life are wrong or aren’t ideal. It’s literally like a boot camp for F boys.”

“We’re casting people who are, you know, not ready to commit yet and hoping we can transform them into men that we can put out into the world and be respectful.”

Where to watch FBoy Island Australia

Want to catch up on all the island drama? FBoy Island Australia is available to stream on BINGE. 

Stream FBoy Island Australia now on BINGE with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here. 


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