Angie Kent says Carlin Sterritt has “insecurity issues”

"That played a part because Timm and I were so close."
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Following Carlin Sterritt’s big reveal that his ex Angie Kent was messaging runner-up Timm Hanly following the finale, the former Bachelorette has slammed claims that Timm had anything to do with her and Carlin’s break up.

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Speaking on Kyle Sandiland and Jackie O’s KIIS FM radio breakfast show, Angie, 30, said that there was “nobody else involved” in her break up with Carlin.

“It was just him and I and I was very open about the fact that I spoke to my top four dudes right after filming,” she said on the air.

“You go on such a hectic love safari, you technically go through four break ups with dudes that you really like, so of course I’m going to check in on him. I checked in on them and I always told Carlin when I did. Timm and I stopped talking December last year and Carlin and I broke up only two months ago so it had nothing to do with Timm at all.”

Angie added: “I heard the podcast Carlin did and he didn’t say that’s why we broke up. He’s got insecurity issues which he mentions himself and that played a part because Timm and I were so close. We’re not close anymore.”

(Credit: Network 10)

Angie also shared more details of why she and Carlin called it quits, elaborating on their different values.

“Chemistry doesn’t always equal compatibility and we were smitten with each other on the show,” she said.

“I’m more spiritual and a little bit more carefree and wild whereas he’s more….,” Angie added before Jackie said that Carlin was “a Christian boy.”

“He’s a Christian boy and we’re just different,” Angie concluded.

Angie said that she and Carlin broke up due to conflicting values. (Credit: Network 10)

The former Gogglebox star also weighed in on her exes Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott, who became the unofficial villains of Bachelor in Paradise.

“I don’t know him,” Angie said of her runner-up. “Timm was completely different to the person that I fell for on the show, I have no idea what Timm is like now.”

“The Timm on Bachelor in Paradise was extremely different to the Timm I was seeing in The Bachelorette. I think that comes down to environment too. They’ve just finished Bachelorette, they’ve got their 15 minutes, egos are huge, they’re back with the boys and now they’re with like solid 10s on an island instead of a maybe six and a half one girl,” she added.

When the conversation turned to Ciarran, Angie confessed: “I don’t really like to use his or Timm’s names anymore because I feel like giving them more clickbait or airtime doesn’t serve me. I don’t know who they are.”

“I need a solid detox from dudes. I dated 20 of them last year in front of all of Australia I think I’m going to go for a while where I don’t trust people for a bit.”

Timm and Angie
“The Timm on Bachelor in Paradise was extremely different to the Timm I was seeing in The Bachelorette.” (Credit: Network 10)

Carlin previously spoke on podcast How To … Life about his insecurities regarding the other guys in the mansion, particularly Timm, who Angie stayed in contact with after filming wrapped.

“She really cared for Timm,” Carlin told co-hosts Claudia Coy, Jenna D’Apice and Nikolina Kharoufeh.

“They were kind of messaging a little bit afterwards. I was trying to play it cool, like ‘It’s fine, you know it’s all good’, and I was trying to be nice and I was trying to do the right thing. And then more and more, her and Timm messaging each other, it just started to really eat me away.”

“I’m fine to be honest with that, that I had my insecurities and that’s something that I was getting therapy for.”

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